What Are Your Plans For The Summer?


May 28, 2013

It has been a long time since I have received any tasks from one of my favorite publishing sites. Though I kept on getting emails about many tasks available I have not seen any tasks at all for my blogs. Its kind of disappointing as well especially with the publishing site raising their payment threshold to $50 before a blogger can cash out funds. Well, only a few weeks away before the summer begins. What are your plans for the summer?

For me, I have so many plans to do this summer and renewing my passport is one of them. It sucks though to renew my passport as we are going to Chicago and it is a long way to drive. Doug hates traffic and the stop lights especially when there’s a stop light at every corner. Yeah it’s kind of annoying hitting all the red lights even when I am not the one driving the car. We also hate driver’s that are driving under the speed limit. 

Aside from renewing my passport I am looking forward to get my driver’s license. Charles is going to school next year and definitely I will be the one to drive him when he goes to school. To be honest I am not really comfortable thinking of Charles going to school. He’s not been around to many kids and I am afraid he will go home one day with many bruises because a kid attacked him. As a mother I am scared of bullying and it could happen to any child and I would not allow that to happen to my son.


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