Order Is Not In The Mail


May 16, 2013

Shopping online is very convenient right from your computer and smart phones. Over the years my husband, Doug has been shopping online with no problem until he bought a NASCAR car for Charles a couple of weeks ago. Soon as my husband won the bidding he transferred his payment to the seller but has not gotten the car yet. The NASCAR car is not that expensive though Doug bought the car for Charles to add to his NASCAR Car Collections. Doug is not believing the car will arrive in the mail. 

I know he is so disappointed every time he checks our mail box and his order is not in the mail. I have been ordering myself online and happy with my orders until my last order from JUSTFAB. I really had a bad order from JUSTFAB. My boots looked really good from their website but when I got them, they were very ugly. The boots are still in the box and I am not planning to wear them at all. The materials that they used are very cheap and it was made in China.


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