Charles Is Feeling So Much Better Now


May 16, 2013

I’m glad my son, Charles is feeling so much better now. He spent hours playing Spider Solitaire, and Starfall. Charles was very excited when he won Spider Solitaire and so was I. I never thought Charles could learn so easily how to play games. I never played games on the computer nor on my phone but Charles does. Now he’s putting three different puzzles together in the kitchen which is a good thing for my baby. Anyway, I just got up from bed trying to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep at all. 

Sleeping has been my problem over the years even taking sleeping pills does not help me at all. Well, tomorrow is Friday. What are you going to do over the weekend? For us, we are going to watch NASCAR Truck racing, and NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Stars. We never thought the three of us were going to be NASCAR fans. Thanks to Charles as he was the first one who began watching NASCAR Racing last year. He’s all-time favorite NASCAR driver, is Brad Keselowski no matter how we told him there are better drivers then Brad. 

Charles being a Brad Keselowski fan, he wants a Brad Keselowski cake for his birthday. Lets see, his 5th birthday is just four months away and I know Charles is not going to change his mind about the Brad Keselowski cake. Aside from watching NASCAR races Doug is planning to watch Star Trek. Charles doesn’t like watching movies at the theater aside from his Cars and Cars 2 movies on our DVR. In fact, he watches them over and over again every day.


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