What Are Your Plans For The Summer?


May 28, 2013

It has been a long time since I have received any tasks from one of my favorite publishing sites. Though I kept on getting emails about many tasks available I have not seen any tasks at all for my blogs. Its kind of disappointing as well especially with the publishing site raising their payment threshold to $50 before a blogger can cash out funds. Well, only a few weeks away before the summer begins. What are your plans for the summer?

For me, I have so many plans to do this summer and renewing my passport is one of them. It sucks though to renew my passport as we are going to Chicago and it is a long way to drive. Doug hates traffic and the stop lights especially when there’s a stop light at every corner. Yeah it’s kind of annoying hitting all the red lights even when I am not the one driving the car. We also hate driver’s that are driving under the speed limit. 

Aside from renewing my passport I am looking forward to get my driver’s license. Charles is going to school next year and definitely I will be the one to drive him when he goes to school. To be honest I am not really comfortable thinking of Charles going to school. He’s not been around to many kids and I am afraid he will go home one day with many bruises because a kid attacked him. As a mother I am scared of bullying and it could happen to any child and I would not allow that to happen to my son.

Great Way To Get Traffic


May 23, 2013

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Tornadoes Are Definitely Scary


May 20, 2013

I have been watching the news since this afternoon and my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma. Several houses were destroyed and 24 fatalities were confirmed dead already. Tornadoes are definitely scary even just watching them on the news is really horrible. I remember my first tornado warning when I arrived here in the U.S., and Doug was at school.

I was the only one in the house and when I heard the siren it was very loud and scared me really bad. How much more for those people affected by this tornado? They lost everything and it will take years to get their lives back together. While typing this blog I heard the rain gushing on our window. Thankfully we are not on a tornado warning anymore. My son, Charles was scared when he heard the loud thunder earlier.

We also lost our satellite signal luckily, we still have an antenna that we got from Doug’s friend, Rick. With tornado devastation life is really just so short. We don’t know what life is ahead of us in the next few minutes. Make every minute count as if it is your last day to spend time with your loved ones.

Charles Is Feeling So Much Better Now


May 16, 2013

I’m glad my son, Charles is feeling so much better now. He spent hours playing Spider Solitaire, and Starfall. Charles was very excited when he won Spider Solitaire and so was I. I never thought Charles could learn so easily how to play games. I never played games on the computer nor on my phone but Charles does. Now he’s putting three different puzzles together in the kitchen which is a good thing for my baby. Anyway, I just got up from bed trying to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep at all. 

Sleeping has been my problem over the years even taking sleeping pills does not help me at all. Well, tomorrow is Friday. What are you going to do over the weekend? For us, we are going to watch NASCAR Truck racing, and NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Stars. We never thought the three of us were going to be NASCAR fans. Thanks to Charles as he was the first one who began watching NASCAR Racing last year. He’s all-time favorite NASCAR driver, is Brad Keselowski no matter how we told him there are better drivers then Brad. 

Charles being a Brad Keselowski fan, he wants a Brad Keselowski cake for his birthday. Lets see, his 5th birthday is just four months away and I know Charles is not going to change his mind about the Brad Keselowski cake. Aside from watching NASCAR races Doug is planning to watch Star Trek. Charles doesn’t like watching movies at the theater aside from his Cars and Cars 2 movies on our DVR. In fact, he watches them over and over again every day.

Order Is Not In The Mail

Shopping online is very convenient right from your computer and smart phones. Over the years my husband, Doug has been shopping online with no problem until he bought a NASCAR car for Charles a couple of weeks ago. Soon as my husband won the bidding he transferred his payment to the seller but has not gotten the car yet. The NASCAR car is not that expensive though Doug bought the car for Charles to add to his NASCAR Car Collections. Doug is not believing the car will arrive in the mail. 

I know he is so disappointed every time he checks our mail box and his order is not in the mail. I have been ordering myself online and happy with my orders until my last order from JUSTFAB. I really had a bad order from JUSTFAB. My boots looked really good from their website but when I got them, they were very ugly. The boots are still in the box and I am not planning to wear them at all. The materials that they used are very cheap and it was made in China.

Look Into Premise Foam

It is becoming that time of year when all the fun creepy crawling pests begin to get real active. While my husband hates spiders, the worst pests have to be termites and wood ants. If you have the displeasure of an infestation of these pests you need to look into premise foam. The foam is a spot application meant to stop small attacks by termites and wood pests. The application is prepackaged to make it easy to use.

Charles Has Another Tooth Coming


May 6, 2013

Over the last few days I've been having headaches and my eyes were hurting really bad. Thank God, Charles and I are feeling so much better now as he had a fever the other day. He has another tooth coming at the lower back end of his jaw and he thought its funny the way it felt when he touches it. Now that I am feeling so much better I have a lot of chores that needs to be done. My husband, Doug can do household chores though I am not satisfied with the way he does chores around the house. 

Besides, his back has been hurting really bad lately. Geez! Doug and I are getting old and not in the best of health. When someone is sick in the family it is really difficult especially since I still don‘t have my driver’s license so I can drive. How I wish we lived closer to his family. It is just difficult when nobody can help us when we need help. Oh well, only three weeks left and the school year will be over. We don’t have any big plans for the summer aside from visiting his sisters in June and attending his cousin’s wedding. 

Though I would love to renew my passport, going to Chicago is quite a trip. Driving down to Chicago is definitely not fun at all especially in the summer as it is way too hot and the traffic would be really bad. Charles doesn't like taking long trips and he keeps asking, “are we there yet”? Just yesterday, Charles and I did our grocery shopping and all he wanted to do was go home as soon as he got his monster truck. It is really difficult to shop around with my boy but maybe next time he’ll love it.

Less Than 5 Months Away


May 1, 2013

Less than 5 months away is my son, Charles’ 5th birthday. He is very excited and he wants to eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s. My husband, Doug is not a huge fan of Chuck E. Cheese’s but I am. The last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s I enjoyed playing Skee-Ball and other games. Well, I am loving the weather that we’ve been having over the last few days now. We can actually spend time outside playing with my son, Charles and do other things. Just the other day Charles and I shopped at Pinnacle Hills Promenade while my husband watched a movie. I am not really a big fan of watching movies though I have my favorite ones. 

Besides, it is hard to take Charles to watch a movie and sit for so long as he always complained that it is taking so long. When Charles and I were shopping he was eager to go to the play area, then shop around with me. Though it was fun especially when he danced when we were inside Victoria’s Secret. He was singing The Star Spangled Banner as well though I told him not to sing it loud. Yes my son can memorize and sing the Star Spangled Banner as he always sings it every time he does before his NASCAR races start.