Problem with My New Domain


April 16, 2013

The other day, I created another blog I’m A Bravoholic, and bought a domain right away. I thought I should be using my new domain by now until I realized I’m still using blogspot. Of course, I tried to figured out why in the world my domain doesn’t exist and spent almost 3 hours for 2 days now. Reading is not fun as it makes me dizzy and throw up sometimes. The problem that I have had encountered was I couldn’t create an administrator account for my goggle apps and got a server error so I could not access my control panel. On my blogger settings, as I already bought the domain, I clicked switch to advanced settings and got this error as well, “we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain, Error 12. 

To fix this I had to go to my domain registrar’s website locate my Domain Name Systems (DNS) and enter the following two CNAMEs.” If these don’t really work in the next few days I will call google apps, I already got their number. As much as I hate calling customer service I have to know I will be on hold for hours which is very frustrating. If the problem won’t be resolved I will just have to delete the blog and make another one. Though wasting $10 for a one year subscription for my domain is not fun after all.


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