Tomorrow is going to be different


March 24, 2013

Every Sunday I have four different shows to watch on television at the same time. I’m glad I can set my DVR and record my other shows and watch it once my other show is over. Recording shows makes it even quicker to watch as I can skip the commercials. I also fast-forward on some segments that I don’t want to see on my show that I am watching. Oh well, tomorrow is Monday and my husband, Doug will go back to school after his spring break. Charles is used to getting up early in the morning soon as he hears his daddy in the living room. 

Surely tomorrow is going to be different when Charles wakes up in the morning and his daddy is not around. Definitely it is going to be a long day for Charles, and I and I‘m glad we can get out of the house later tomorrow. My husband is having a banquet for wrestling where he teaches at and I am going to make chicken wings adobo. Hopefully they will like the chicken wings adobo.


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