Screamed Out Loud


March 1, 2013

Doug’s spring break is in just two weeks and we are all looking forward to the break. We have not made any plans yet on what we should do during his one week off. I would love to practice in driving the car. My son, Charles will attend school next school year and I would be the one to drive and pick him up at school. To be honest I am really scared to drive the car specially when I think I will be the first one to stop on the stop light and go when it turn green. Anyway, I still have plenty of time to practice to drive the car and I guess I will do great. Driving by myself will be great in the long run. I can go shopping, buy our groceries without worrying Doug and Charles who are always in a hurry to get back home. 

Just like yesterday, we went to the mall and I spent my Victoria’s Secret Gift Card that I got from Valentine’s Day. Doug and Charles did their own shopping and every thing went very well until we went to Gordmans. Charles wanted a truck worth $25 and we didn’t buy it for him. He screamed out loud and the same thing happened when we went to Walmart. I heard him screamed across from where I was inside Walmart. It is also one of the reason why I am not planning to go home to the Philippines. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he easily gets bored. How much more when we visit to the Philippines? Riding inside the plane would be a torture for Charles and surely he is going to scream out very loud.


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