I Want to Eat BBQ Ribs Tomorrow


March 27, 2013

We were watching BBQ Paradise 2: Another Rack on Travel Channel tonight when my husband saw a Philippine Flag on the show. Of course, he was more excited then I was. I wasn’t really paying attention on the show so Doug made sure I saw what he saw on the show. I got excited when I saw Cebu City Smokers 2012 Memphis in May International Team from the Philippines. While seeing BBQ ribs tonight makes me want to eat BBQ tomorrow. After watching on Travel Channel Doug and I watched Duck Dynasty on A&E and Big Bang Theory on TBS. Big Bang Theory always make Doug laughed out loud. The show is very funny and it is one of my favorite shows to watch aside from all the Real Housewives on Bravo. 

Oh well, just a few days left before Easter and it looks like our weather is going to get crappy again. Wish we just have had snow instead of getting rain and stormy weather. We need nicer weather for Spring so we can enjoy doing fun things outside the house. Just this afternoon Charles drove his jeep for about 15 minutes and the weather gets chilly so we went back inside the house.


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