I Loved Home Goods


March 8, 2013

Three new stores Shoe Carnival, Marshalls, and Home Goods, just opened yesterday. I loved the Home Goods items that they had in the store, which were very affordable for my budget. In fact, I bought dinnerware, and my husband got a couple of T-shirts as his birthday present for himself. We didn’t buy any toys for Charles from Home Goods as he already got 2 NASCAR Cars that he got from an Antique Store. Leaving the store empty handed for Charles made him mad and said no to every thing we asked from him. Waiting our pizza at Mellow Mushroom also made him so frustrated and kept on complaining that he’s been waiting for ages. 

Aside from the newly opened stores, Carnival Fair is in town and I would love to ride some of those rides that they have. I’m sure Charles and I can ride together specially now that he is catching up with my height. He is surely growing up so fast. My husband, Doug always says by the time Charles is 5 we will be the same height which is funny to me. At least though we know now Charles is going to be tall just like his father which is a good thing.


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