Easter Egg Hunt for Charles


March 26, 2013

I can’t believed March is almost over. Doug and I are planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt for Charles just inside our house. Last year, Charles was very excited when he woke up in the morning and saw eggs around the house. He thinks it was the Easter Bunny who came by and left those eggs for him. When I was a kid we never had any Easter Egg Hunting around the house. Holy Week is only different though because we never eat meat on Good Friday. My grandmother is very strict when it comes to Holy Week not to work on Good Friday. 

In my nearly 6 years of stay here in the United States I learned how millions of Catholics celebrate Holy Week. Holy Week is just an ordinary day for Catholics here in the U.S. It is not a big deal unlike how we celebrate Holy Week in the Philippines wherein there is a re-enactment of Passion of Christ. Black Saturday is kind of boring day, TV and Radio Stations are off which means you have nothing to watch or listen to. Oh well, only two months left before the school year is over. Doug and I have not made any plans yet for the summer aside from visiting his sisters. 

Though my passport had expired and going to Chicago is quite a trip. I am not really worried about my passport not being renewed this year as we are not planning to visit to the Philippines this year. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he only wants to go home right away even if we haven’t left the driveway. When we went to Branson during my husband’s Spring break Charles asked so many times; are we there yet? How much more going to the Philippines? Charles doesn’t like waiting all he wants to do is be home and do his NASCAR races. At his age of 4 I can’t dictate Charles what I want for him to do because Charles will do what he wants. 

Like, I want Charles to color in his coloring book but Charles likes to paint. Teach him how to write letters but he would rather read his books. Geez we’re not on the same path and I’m okey with it. All I need to do is enjoy every moment that I have with my son, Charles. I know he is growing up so fast. While typing this blog Charles is on my back reading every words that I typed which is amazing. When I was on his age I definitely did not know how to read and count numbers. Thank God Charles is truly blessed.


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