I Want to Eat BBQ Ribs Tomorrow


March 27, 2013

We were watching BBQ Paradise 2: Another Rack on Travel Channel tonight when my husband saw a Philippine Flag on the show. Of course, he was more excited then I was. I wasn’t really paying attention on the show so Doug made sure I saw what he saw on the show. I got excited when I saw Cebu City Smokers 2012 Memphis in May International Team from the Philippines. While seeing BBQ ribs tonight makes me want to eat BBQ tomorrow. After watching on Travel Channel Doug and I watched Duck Dynasty on A&E and Big Bang Theory on TBS. Big Bang Theory always make Doug laughed out loud. The show is very funny and it is one of my favorite shows to watch aside from all the Real Housewives on Bravo. 

Oh well, just a few days left before Easter and it looks like our weather is going to get crappy again. Wish we just have had snow instead of getting rain and stormy weather. We need nicer weather for Spring so we can enjoy doing fun things outside the house. Just this afternoon Charles drove his jeep for about 15 minutes and the weather gets chilly so we went back inside the house.

Easter Egg Hunt for Charles


March 26, 2013

I can’t believed March is almost over. Doug and I are planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt for Charles just inside our house. Last year, Charles was very excited when he woke up in the morning and saw eggs around the house. He thinks it was the Easter Bunny who came by and left those eggs for him. When I was a kid we never had any Easter Egg Hunting around the house. Holy Week is only different though because we never eat meat on Good Friday. My grandmother is very strict when it comes to Holy Week not to work on Good Friday. 

In my nearly 6 years of stay here in the United States I learned how millions of Catholics celebrate Holy Week. Holy Week is just an ordinary day for Catholics here in the U.S. It is not a big deal unlike how we celebrate Holy Week in the Philippines wherein there is a re-enactment of Passion of Christ. Black Saturday is kind of boring day, TV and Radio Stations are off which means you have nothing to watch or listen to. Oh well, only two months left before the school year is over. Doug and I have not made any plans yet for the summer aside from visiting his sisters. 

Though my passport had expired and going to Chicago is quite a trip. I am not really worried about my passport not being renewed this year as we are not planning to visit to the Philippines this year. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he only wants to go home right away even if we haven’t left the driveway. When we went to Branson during my husband’s Spring break Charles asked so many times; are we there yet? How much more going to the Philippines? Charles doesn’t like waiting all he wants to do is be home and do his NASCAR races. At his age of 4 I can’t dictate Charles what I want for him to do because Charles will do what he wants. 

Like, I want Charles to color in his coloring book but Charles likes to paint. Teach him how to write letters but he would rather read his books. Geez we’re not on the same path and I’m okey with it. All I need to do is enjoy every moment that I have with my son, Charles. I know he is growing up so fast. While typing this blog Charles is on my back reading every words that I typed which is amazing. When I was on his age I definitely did not know how to read and count numbers. Thank God Charles is truly blessed.

Use Toggle Bolts

If spring would finally get here let alone summer we can get started on this years home improvements. We are planning on doing some drywall work and Doug has been researching the best way to use toggle bolts to support heavier things in our wall. Getting the right support tools are key to our home improvements for this year and in the future.

Tomorrow is going to be different


March 24, 2013

Every Sunday I have four different shows to watch on television at the same time. I’m glad I can set my DVR and record my other shows and watch it once my other show is over. Recording shows makes it even quicker to watch as I can skip the commercials. I also fast-forward on some segments that I don’t want to see on my show that I am watching. Oh well, tomorrow is Monday and my husband, Doug will go back to school after his spring break. Charles is used to getting up early in the morning soon as he hears his daddy in the living room. 

Surely tomorrow is going to be different when Charles wakes up in the morning and his daddy is not around. Definitely it is going to be a long day for Charles, and I and I‘m glad we can get out of the house later tomorrow. My husband is having a banquet for wrestling where he teaches at and I am going to make chicken wings adobo. Hopefully they will like the chicken wings adobo.

Got Back Home from Springfield, Missouri


March 21, 2013

Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well when we got back home from Springfield, Missouri. Though only a few days before left for our Spring break, I was already achy and I was hesitant of going to our trip but we already made our plans. On our way to Branson we drove down to Eureka Springs, and boy it was very scary for me. One single mistake behind the wheel could lead any driver and passenger all the way from the mountains down the hill. The road is very curvy and is only a two way highway. If an accident occurs you’ll definitely stack on the road for hours. Though Charles made it fun when we drove around Eureka Springs. Laughed at himself that he was dizzy and never forgot his line, are we there yet? 

Charles wants to go to Bass Pro Shops


March 13, 2013

I can’t wait for this week to be over. Next week is my husband Doug’s spring break and we have already made some plans for his spring break. We are going to go to Branson, shop at Tanger Outlet and I am looking forward to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Charles wants to go to Bass Pro Shops, as he cannot remember we’ve been to Bass Pro a couple times when we used to lived in Republic, Missouri. Charles also is looking forward to going to the Racing Collectible Store to check out NASCAR things. 

Doug also wanted to see some of his friends who live in Springfield, maybe a game night is on the list. Visiting Seoul Market, and Binhtay would be great where I can buy some dried fish and other goods from the Philippines. Aside from spring break, only two months are left before the school year is over though Doug still needs to do open mats for wrestling.

I Loved Home Goods


March 8, 2013

Three new stores Shoe Carnival, Marshalls, and Home Goods, just opened yesterday. I loved the Home Goods items that they had in the store, which were very affordable for my budget. In fact, I bought dinnerware, and my husband got a couple of T-shirts as his birthday present for himself. We didn’t buy any toys for Charles from Home Goods as he already got 2 NASCAR Cars that he got from an Antique Store. Leaving the store empty handed for Charles made him mad and said no to every thing we asked from him. Waiting our pizza at Mellow Mushroom also made him so frustrated and kept on complaining that he’s been waiting for ages. 

Aside from the newly opened stores, Carnival Fair is in town and I would love to ride some of those rides that they have. I’m sure Charles and I can ride together specially now that he is catching up with my height. He is surely growing up so fast. My husband, Doug always says by the time Charles is 5 we will be the same height which is funny to me. At least though we know now Charles is going to be tall just like his father which is a good thing.

On Portable Bleachers

Doug has been looking hard for portable bleachers over the last few weeks. Doug’s school has a great gym but in the auxiliary gym there are no bleachers. Each year Doug hosts a huge wrestling tournament with teams from different states coming in. Doug would like to add two mats to the auxiliary gym for fans so that he can use the gym. Portable bleachers are perfect for this application.

My Glazed Doughnuts Craving


March 5, 2013

I’ve been craving glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, the past couple of days and tonight I finally have it. Doug also got a dozen assorted doughnuts as he likes them very much. As for me, glazed are my favorite ones. 

Anyway, before we went to Krispy Kreme tonight, I followed James Franklin, Missouri Tiger’s College Quarterback on Twitter and he followed me back on Twitter. Oh my gosh I was so excited! I think he’s cute and is a great Quarterback for Mizzou. I have seen College Football games twice and I loved it one in Columbia, Missouri and the other one in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It was a Border Showdown between Kansas and Mizzou. Hopefully this year we can watch another football game at Columbia as I love going to the campus. 

Screamed Out Loud


March 1, 2013

Doug’s spring break is in just two weeks and we are all looking forward to the break. We have not made any plans yet on what we should do during his one week off. I would love to practice in driving the car. My son, Charles will attend school next school year and I would be the one to drive and pick him up at school. To be honest I am really scared to drive the car specially when I think I will be the first one to stop on the stop light and go when it turn green. Anyway, I still have plenty of time to practice to drive the car and I guess I will do great. Driving by myself will be great in the long run. I can go shopping, buy our groceries without worrying Doug and Charles who are always in a hurry to get back home. 

Just like yesterday, we went to the mall and I spent my Victoria’s Secret Gift Card that I got from Valentine’s Day. Doug and Charles did their own shopping and every thing went very well until we went to Gordmans. Charles wanted a truck worth $25 and we didn’t buy it for him. He screamed out loud and the same thing happened when we went to Walmart. I heard him screamed across from where I was inside Walmart. It is also one of the reason why I am not planning to go home to the Philippines. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he easily gets bored. How much more when we visit to the Philippines? Riding inside the plane would be a torture for Charles and surely he is going to scream out very loud.

Obermeyer Ski Jackets

I was browsing on the web and the Obermeyer Positano Insulated Ski Jacket caught my eye. The jacket is absolutely beautiful and I would love to buy one for myself and for my son, Charles. The obermeyer jackets have great quality and the cost is very affordable. Charles already saw what kind of jacket he’s going to have and he is super excited. What else can I say Obermeyer Icon Ski Jackets also come in his favorite color which is blue.