My Victoria's Secret Gift Card


February 17, 2013

How was your Valentine's Day? Me, I had a great Valentine's Day Doug, and Charles got me a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. Charles picked my gift card and I really loved it. I know I should have gotten a steamer a long time ago but I have decided not go get one even though Doug kept on insisting that I need to buy one.  The rice cooker that I really liked at the Asian Store is way over priced around $130 though it is lovely and was holding me back from getting one even though I really liked to have one a lot.

Well Doug and Charles surprised me with a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. This gift will be a great use, especially the Food Steamer as I like making Steamed Cake (Puto). For my gift card I am going to use it on the 28 of this month so I can get a Secret Rewards Card when I purchase things at Victoria’s Secret. 


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