Charles Wants To Buy a Balloon


February 1, 2013

Charles asked me when is Valentine’s Day, I said February 14. He wants to buy a balloon on Valentine’s Day so he can give it to me. It was so sweet of Charles to think ahead on what  he could give me on Valentine’s Day. Oh well how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather over the last couple of days had been very warm despite the winter season. We actually turned on our air conditioning unit to cool us off and we all loved it especially at night. Then the other day we had severe weather. It rained all day thankfully we did not have a tornado warning. 

We also went to watch wrestling duals were Doug coaches at. Charles had a really great time when he wrestled with the other kids though there was a kid that was a little smaller than him and Charles kept on wrestling with him. Now, Charles is interested to wrestle as he thinks he is tough and he can win all the time but Doug said, not all the time. There are other kids that are tougher than you are but Charles insisted he is very tough.


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