On Daytona 500


February 24, 2013

Well today was my son, Charles’ big day. Charles has been waiting for months for his favorite thing to be on TV, NASCAR races. Today was the 1st race of the season the Daytona 500. Charles’ favorite driver Brad Keselowski was near the front but came in 4th. Charles was very upset and almost cried because Brad Keselowski did not win. I find it remarkable that he knows all 40 drivers and will watch a NASCAR race for four hours straight and he is only four. I was pulling for Danica Patrick as she was the first woman to win the Pole for the race and she finished in the top ten. What a great finished for Jimmie Johnson, who won the Daytona 500 and Dale Earnhardt Jr in second place.

My Victoria's Secret Gift Card


February 17, 2013

How was your Valentine's Day? Me, I had a great Valentine's Day Doug, and Charles got me a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. Charles picked my gift card and I really loved it. I know I should have gotten a steamer a long time ago but I have decided not go get one even though Doug kept on insisting that I need to buy one.  The rice cooker that I really liked at the Asian Store is way over priced around $130 though it is lovely and was holding me back from getting one even though I really liked to have one a lot.

Well Doug and Charles surprised me with a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. This gift will be a great use, especially the Food Steamer as I like making Steamed Cake (Puto). For my gift card I am going to use it on the 28 of this month so I can get a Secret Rewards Card when I purchase things at Victoria’s Secret. 

Yoga Accessories


February 11, 2013

It is amazing how a simple exercise like yoga has so many accessories to help you keep your yoga exercises more fresh and challenging. I have not done any yoga exercise in years and I am planning to do it to have a healthy lifestyle. While browsing on the web I have found thera band from yogaaccessories. These thera bands and other accessories are affordable and are usefully to keep you anxious to continue your exercise routines.

At Rib Crib


Over the last few days now we have been eating out at restaurants and it is costing us more money than our weekly grocery budget. Yesterday, we ate at Rib Crib in Springdale before we went to look at Antique Stores. I had ordered the Rack of Wrath and it tasted really good. I also loved the fries it was so crunchy and I liked the seasoning that they used. Doug had ordered a three meat combo; ribs, pulled pork, and hot links. His sides onion rings tasted really good as well as the fries.

Charles Wanted To Eat at Red Lobster


February 4, 2013

We had quite a busy weekend. Charles wanted to eat at Red Lobster and he got what he really wanted. I ordered wood grilled shrimp, scallops, and lobster. My food tasted really good. We also went shopping and found some great clothes at Ross Dress. Doug got a new book by Robert Jordan, that he really wanted from Barnes & Noble. When Doug was browsing for his book Charles and I went to the play area there was a kid in there already. Though the mom left her son without saying any word to the kid. 

As a mother I can’t leave Charles with other kids that I don’t know anything about. What if someone will take the kid when she was gone? I may have not read any parenting books but I am very confident about my parenting skills for my son, Charles. I just follow my instincts when a situation occurs.

Charles Wants To Buy a Balloon


February 1, 2013

Charles asked me when is Valentine’s Day, I said February 14. He wants to buy a balloon on Valentine’s Day so he can give it to me. It was so sweet of Charles to think ahead on what  he could give me on Valentine’s Day. Oh well how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather over the last couple of days had been very warm despite the winter season. We actually turned on our air conditioning unit to cool us off and we all loved it especially at night. Then the other day we had severe weather. It rained all day thankfully we did not have a tornado warning. 

We also went to watch wrestling duals were Doug coaches at. Charles had a really great time when he wrestled with the other kids though there was a kid that was a little smaller than him and Charles kept on wrestling with him. Now, Charles is interested to wrestle as he thinks he is tough and he can win all the time but Doug said, not all the time. There are other kids that are tougher than you are but Charles insisted he is very tough.