Don't Brag About It


January 11, 2013

Charles and I always watch wrestling matches where Doug coaches at. Yesterday was one of those days and it was good to see his kids wrestle very well in every match. Though there was a mom whose son wrestled against a girl and the mom kept on screaming, “Want some more”? I guess when your son is wrestling against a girl you don’t need to scream out loud. Surely your son is much stronger than the girl and you don‘t have to brag about it. Most of the wrestling matches were pretty good and exciting. 

Charles was not so interested in the wrestling matches as he was playing with his car and flag on the bleachers. While putting the mats back at the gym Charles had so much fun playing basketball with Hunter though he couldn’t make the ball go up as high as the rim. Then Charles tried to wrestle with other kids but Charles doesn’t know any wrestling moves at all. He was just laughing and running around when the kids tried to wrestle him.


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