Cut Back On Drinking Caffeinated Drinks


January 8, 2013

Can you believed that we’re already on January 8th? Time flies really fast and I know most of you are already keeping your New Year’s resolution, right? As for me, I never have any New Year’s resolution to keep. Though I am planning to cut back on drinking caffeinated drinks like Pepsi and Coke for every meal. Hopefully this would help me get to sleep at night. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I don’t get enough sleep every night even though I am taking sleeping medicines like Unisom and Melatonin. 

Oh well, Charles and I are going to watch a wrestling match this Thursday just to get out from the house. Charles is more interested now in doing wrestling and he likes to wrestle with his dad. Its also good for Charles to be around with other people so he will get used to it when he goes to preschool. He doesn’t have a playmate where he can play all the time so sometimes he is kind of shy at first. But once he gets around for a couple minutes Charles loves to talk and laugh.


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