Charles' Favorite Channel SPEED


January 19, 2013

Charles is definitely not interested in watching his shows on Nick JR and Nickelodeon though he still watches on Disney Junior. His favorite channel now is SPEED and has watched these shows this morning until now. 

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing 
British Touring Car Championships 
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction 

Charles is really interested in cars and he also likes doing his own races in the living room while watching the shows. Aside from cars, when Charles saw the commercials on television for things he really likes he wants to buy all of them. Its funny though even commercials for girls he also wants them. Watching Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction, is quite interesting to see all the different classic cars. I have never seen most of the cars in the auction and they are all very expensive. Really great cars and designed for perfection. Surely when you are a car collector you’ll be in heaven when you win in every auction for the cars that you like to have.


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