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January 17, 2013

My husband, Doug is a huge sports fan. Doug coaches wrestling now exclusively but has coached football for 17 years as well. Doug grew up in a family that loved sports and he has been a lifelong fan as well as participant. This year Doug had a tough season rooting for his favorite football teams. Doug is a huge fan of the Raiders who were not good this year at all. Doug was also really excited for college football as his favorite team, Mizzou joined the SEC this year. Though disappointed by Mizzou’s record he was happy to see Alabama continue the SEC dominance and win the National Title. 

Doug has many kids at school who are huge fans of the Crimson Tide and he sees a lot of Alabama apparel everyday. One of Doug’s favorite students, Mason is a huge Tide fan and orders his shirts straight from the University of Alabama. Mason’s University of Alabama shirts are always the most up to date and quite stylish as well. It is great to show the pride you have in your college or your favorite college team. Of course with the dynasty that Nick Saban has started there is no telling how long Alabama will continue to dominate.


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