Outstanding Weather


January 27, 2013

Wow the weather here the last two days has been outstanding. Today, was over 60 degrees. Two years ago about this time of year we had 2 feet of snow. So many areas are having a huge cold streak and here in Northwest Arkansas we are not far away from that horrible weather. So today, we went to two Asian stores so I could buy dried fish and vegetables. Then we went to Walmart to do our weekly grocery shopping. What a great day we had.

Worship Chairs


January 19, 2013

My sister-in law, Cheryl’s church has decided it is time to do some renovations in their worship center. Finding the perfect chairs church for seating is something that Cheryl is helping with. She loves and has convinced the church to do the progressive thing and do away with pews and instead bring in comfortable chairs. Not only are the chairs more comfortable but allow for more versatile use of space in the church.

Charles' Favorite Channel SPEED

Charles is definitely not interested in watching his shows on Nick JR and Nickelodeon though he still watches on Disney Junior. His favorite channel now is SPEED and has watched these shows this morning until now. 

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing 
British Touring Car Championships 
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction 

Charles is really interested in cars and he also likes doing his own races in the living room while watching the shows. Aside from cars, when Charles saw the commercials on television for things he really likes he wants to buy all of them. Its funny though even commercials for girls he also wants them. Watching Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction, is quite interesting to see all the different classic cars. I have never seen most of the cars in the auction and they are all very expensive. Really great cars and designed for perfection. Surely when you are a car collector you’ll be in heaven when you win in every auction for the cars that you like to have.

Alabama Apparel


January 17, 2013

My husband, Doug is a huge sports fan. Doug coaches wrestling now exclusively but has coached football for 17 years as well. Doug grew up in a family that loved sports and he has been a lifelong fan as well as participant. This year Doug had a tough season rooting for his favorite football teams. Doug is a huge fan of the Raiders who were not good this year at all. Doug was also really excited for college football as his favorite team, Mizzou joined the SEC this year. Though disappointed by Mizzou’s record he was happy to see Alabama continue the SEC dominance and win the National Title. 

Doug has many kids at school who are huge fans of the Crimson Tide and he sees a lot of Alabama apparel everyday. One of Doug’s favorite students, Mason is a huge Tide fan and orders his shirts straight from the University of Alabama. Mason’s University of Alabama shirts are always the most up to date and quite stylish as well. It is great to show the pride you have in your college or your favorite college team. Of course with the dynasty that Nick Saban has started there is no telling how long Alabama will continue to dominate.

Don't Brag About It


January 11, 2013

Charles and I always watch wrestling matches where Doug coaches at. Yesterday was one of those days and it was good to see his kids wrestle very well in every match. Though there was a mom whose son wrestled against a girl and the mom kept on screaming, “Want some more”? I guess when your son is wrestling against a girl you don’t need to scream out loud. Surely your son is much stronger than the girl and you don‘t have to brag about it. Most of the wrestling matches were pretty good and exciting. 

Charles was not so interested in the wrestling matches as he was playing with his car and flag on the bleachers. While putting the mats back at the gym Charles had so much fun playing basketball with Hunter though he couldn’t make the ball go up as high as the rim. Then Charles tried to wrestle with other kids but Charles doesn’t know any wrestling moves at all. He was just laughing and running around when the kids tried to wrestle him.

Gurkha Cigars


January 9, 2013

I have never heard about gurkha cigars brand so I decided to look them up on the web to see what they are like. Famous Smoke Shop offers gurkha cigars as luxury cigars from ancient period of time. Despite them being luxury items the cigars are very affordable on your budget and will make great gifts for any cigar smoker or collector.

Cut Back On Drinking Caffeinated Drinks


January 8, 2013

Can you believed that we’re already on January 8th? Time flies really fast and I know most of you are already keeping your New Year’s resolution, right? As for me, I never have any New Year’s resolution to keep. Though I am planning to cut back on drinking caffeinated drinks like Pepsi and Coke for every meal. Hopefully this would help me get to sleep at night. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I don’t get enough sleep every night even though I am taking sleeping medicines like Unisom and Melatonin. 

Oh well, Charles and I are going to watch a wrestling match this Thursday just to get out from the house. Charles is more interested now in doing wrestling and he likes to wrestle with his dad. Its also good for Charles to be around with other people so he will get used to it when he goes to preschool. He doesn’t have a playmate where he can play all the time so sometimes he is kind of shy at first. But once he gets around for a couple minutes Charles loves to talk and laugh.

Charles' Monster Truck Collection


January 4, 2013

It is hard to keep our house clean with my four year old son, Charles. Yesterday, I was about to change his bed sheets and I felt like I couldn’t walk with all of his toys laying around his room. I freaked out and thought about the show the show on TLC, Hoarding Buried Alive. So I had decided to pick them all up and took some photos before I put them in the tub. Charles has plenty of toys to play with and he doesn’t know how to put them in the tub when he is done playing and they always end up on the floor. I know Doug always tells me “You have a 4 year old”, but I can’t help it laying all his toys around the house. It is driving me crazy. 

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

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Charles' NASCAR Cars Collection


January 1, 2013

While waiting for New Year’s Eve last night Doug had decided to arranged Charles NASCAR Cars on the table. I do not know who is more obsessive, Charles, Doug or his sisters. Well Charles could only not find one of his cars; his number 18 Snickers Car. He has over 80 of the smaller cars all NASCAR originals. He also has a few of the bigger sizes as well. Charles even wore his M & M racing outfit for the picture.