Lights Of The Ozarks, Downtown Fayetteville


December 22, 2013

I have never been remorseful buying stuff in the past but the other night I kept on thinking what we just bought for Charles’ Christmas presents. When it comes to buying Charles Christmas presents I am the type of person that’s very skeptical but my husband is all for it. Though as I thought the amount that we just spent for two of his toys I thought about the Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table, at Toys R US. 

So I kept on thinking whether we should return back the toys and get the Imaginarium instead as Charles really liked it as well. Then my hubby bought more toys from Target and I’m pretty sure Charles is going to love all of his Christmas presents. Growing up in the Philippines, Christmas is just an ordinary day. We don’t get any presents during Christmas or even birthdays except at school wherein we had exchange gifts and that’s it. 

While we’re in Fayetteville, we looked at the Lights of the Ozarks and as usual the Christmas lights are very pretty to see. Charles sat on Santa’s lap and told Santa what Charles wanted for Christmas which is Monopoly. He may be 5 years old but Charles is going to be a gamer just like his father. In fact, Charles wants to have his own phone, and X-Box but I am going to say no for those. 

Every time he plays games on the phone he spends hours playing games and I felt like I’m losing him already. But at night, he always works his charms with his lines: Christmas is the time to spend with your family and loved ones and the people who love you. That’s why he is always sleeping in our bed.

My Pescado Guerrero


December 15, 2013

A few years back, I really didn’t like eating Mexican foods. Now, it has changed as Mexican foods are one of my favorite foods to eat when we eat at restaurant. Though eating out cost us some dollars especially when we eat at Abuelos here in town. The food that I really like from Abuleos, Pescado Guerrero, is quite pricey so I need to cook my own version of the food. A few days ago, while we’re stuck at home from the snow I cooked Pescado Guerrero and it tasted like from Abuelos. It was the second time that I cooked the food and I was delighted to say that I nailed it, lol!

I Love My Note Pads


December 1, 2013

Every Thanksgiving, I always get a gift bag from my sister-in-law, Connie, and I am very thankful for that. I do really love what I got this year especially the sets of note pads. Writing is still my favorite thing to do instead of typing on the computer and just printing it out.

The Chiefs


November 30, 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving with my hubby’s family in Kansas City, Missouri. Charles had his Indy Car race and was very happy he got a trophy and did his first scavenger hunt created with his aunt Connie. With my hubby getting busy with wrestling season, we decided to go home yesterday as he has practice tomorrow afternoon. 

On our way back home Doug, drove down to the city and was excited when he saw Strouds and we had our lunch there. Strouds is famous for fried chicken and has been featured on televisions, and magazines here in the United States. Then Charles wants to see the baseball stadium of the Kansas City Royals, and Arrowhead Stadium, of the Kansas City, Chiefs. 

Though Charles does not want to get out from the car as it was very cold yesterday. Yesterday’s trip back home was not really bad aside from Charles not forgetting his most famous questions: Are we there yet? How many miles until we get back home? Oh well, Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and I’m sure you already put up your Christmas Tree. Tomorrow we are going to put up our Christmas Tree as my hubby wants to help after his wrestling practice. 

Of course, my son, Charles, is very excited when I told him that we are going to decorate the tree. Growing up in the Philippines we never really had a Christmas Tree around. But Christmas is very festive in the Philippines and I miss it very much.

I Am Very Nervous


November 26, 2013

Well, tomorrow is my 6 years anniversary since I came here to the United States of America. As you know I don’t have my driver license yet but hopefully tomorrow I can pass my driving test. They say the driving test is very easy but to worry freak like I am, I am very nervous thinking about tomorrow. Just like when I took the computer test, I was really shaking. Thankfully, after I answered the last question I saw the message on the computer screen; “Congratulations you passed the test”. 

Omg! I was very excited and relieved as I took the test once and passed the test right away. So tomorrow, hopefully can be an exciting day for me after I take the driving test. If I don’t pass my driving test, I’m sure I can take another driving test again. Or I will just go home to the Philippines, as I don’t have to drive the car and just ride the jeepney, just kidding. 

Oh well, how is your day today? As for me, I had quite a busy day. Done packing our stuff for our trip to Kansas City, then we went to the doctor for my hubby’s checkup. We also got our Ford, Mustang-GT, licensed today which is very good. Then later tonight, I am going to do laundry of my favorite blanket to take with me. You can call me weird but I can’t lay in bed without my blanket. Even when we stay at hotels I always make sure to take my blanket with me.

Good Outdoor Playset

My husband and I have been looking at getting our son, Charles a good outdoor playset. I found a great place that sells swing sets in williamsburg va, too bad we live in Arkansas, or we would buy one from Backyard Playground for sure. I love the fact that these sets are custom made to your specifications. What a great gift for any kid, especially with Christmas coming up.

A Very Scary Situation Yesterday


November 24, 2013

I always wonder when someone I know is not active on their Facebook page. Last night, I was so glad to see a friend during high school Elizabeth, online on Facebook. I sent her a message hoping to hear from her. Later I found out she has breast cancer and it is really bad. Her kids are very young and the youngest is only 1 year old. As a mom, I know how she feel about her kids especially when they are very young. It is tragic that she has breast cancer at such a very young age. Its really is hard to imagine what she’s going through in her life right now and thinking about her kids. Cancer could happen to anyone and it has no age limits. Being said; I need to get a mammogram check which I have never done a check in the past. It sound scary but I have too. Being aware of my body is very important especially since I have a child and a husband that’s counting on me every day. 

Anyway, I had a very scary situation yesterday when our car started smoking under the hood and I thought it will blow up any second. And of course, it was very disappointing as it is going to be another expense in our pocket. I kept thinking about it, things happen for a reason and I am glad we are all safe after the incident. Even better we were close to our home and not on a trip out of town. Our insurance paid for the tow and Doug, has a good BMW mechanic he trusts to look at the car. Matter of fact Doug, has already talked to him and we hope it was just a heater hose, which should not be very expensive. 

I Liked Ford Mustang-GT


November 17, 2013

I had driven our Ford, Mustang-GT, the other day and I must say I liked it a lot. Though it is very low for me when I drive the car.  I even adjusted the seat to make it as high as possible. My hubby said that I did a pretty good job when I drove the car and stopping the car when there were stop signs. The scary situation was when the other cars on the stop line ran through their yield green and cut in front of me. 

Now, I am torn which car do I really want to drive whether our BMW X-5, or Mustang. But I’m sure I will pick the car that I am most comfortable driving with on the road and it is our BMW X-5. Even though I have not driven quite a lot with our X-5, definitely this is the car that I am going to drive. The seat warmer is one my favorite features of the car which I really like especially in the winter and I can see so much better on the highway as well. 

Since Charles is going to Kindergarten next year I definitely need to drive the car when my hubby is around to make me feel comfortable on the highway. We also drove to school where Charles is going to enroll next year and it is only 4 minutes drive away from our house which is a good thing. Enrolling Charles in Kindergarten would be very difficult for both of us as we have not been away from each other. 

Also, I am skeptical about my son, not interested in writing but he is very good on reading, and numbers. But before that, Doug, and I have been talking about enrolling Charles on a tumbling class before classes start so he can be around other kids. Seems like Charles is interested and looking forward on the tumbling classes and hoping he can find some friends during that period.

Hardware Supply

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Das Stein Haus Restaurant


October 22, 2013

I have not seen Football players up close until South Dakota State, ate at Golden Corral on a Friday night. These football players are very darn tall. Since my hubby had been bragging about his favorite restaurant, Das Stein Haus, how good it was ten years ago, in Jefferson City, we decided to stopped by as well. When we arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon the restaurant was closed as the restaurant open on certain time though their lounge area was open. We waited outside and we can smell delicious food cooking inside. By 5 o’clock the restaurant was opened and I was amazed how fancy looking it was and saw bottles of wines stack up everywhere. 

But anyway, have you shopped for your Halloween costume already? If you do good for you and when you have not, you’re not alone as I have not shopped for my son, Charles’ Halloween costume yet. He wants to be a Newscaster but I don’t think its appropriate as a Halloween costume. Then I told him how about Iron Man so he wants an Iron Man costume now though we are going to get it next time when we go to Walmart, Party City, or Party Supply this weekend.

I Can Not Believe It Is Almost 6 Years


October 16, 2013

I can not believe it is almost 6 years now that I am living here in the United States of America. So far, every thing is doing well aside from my migraine which is getting worse all the time. Having migraines is very difficult sepecially when I am throwing up as it makes me really sick. Just a couple of days ago, I was really sick and I could not do anything around the house. Charles has been very good when I am not feeling well. 

In fact, he sung a lullaby for me to help me fall asleep and to feel better soon. Anyway, the highlight of my week was seeing my son, Charles so excited when his favorite driver, Brad Keselowski, won his first NASCAR Sprint Cup race of the season. Of course, I was very happy for him as well. Brad Keselowski, is one of my favorite drivers to win NASCAR Sprint Cup together with Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt JR. 

The season is not yet over so hopefully any of these two drivers can win the rest of the remaining races. Then seeing Charles beat some levels on Candy Crush as he was jumping all around. Yup! You read it, Charles is a huge gamer just like his father. Aside from Candy Crush, Monopoly, Angry Birds, Bubble Season, Fruit Mania, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Chess, and Checkers are just a few of his games on our iPhones.

 Well, letting him play games on our phones is not a bad thing after all as it helps him develop his mental skills and learning ability.

A Mother's Ring

For Mother’s Day next year I want my husband, Doug to buy me a Mother’s Ring from  I really love my son, Charles and nothing would make me happier then having a remembrance of Charles with me all the time, especially when he starts school next year. I really like how the website has such a great collection of rings to choose from.

Crisp Mango


October 11, 2013

I love going to the Asian stores, A’Chau, and Manna Oriental Market. Getting fruits like crisp mangoes and guavas are two of my favorites. I also like getting vegetables, and fresh seafood as well. Two of the reasons why I do really like living here in Northwest Arkansas.

Oh Pretty! Just The Right Size For Me


October 1, 2013

This time of the year is my favorite part of the year. Halloween is fast approaching, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas Holidays. With Halloween just a couple of weeks away I have no idea of what my son, Charles wants to wear for Halloween costume. He’s not a big fan of super hero’s so I guess he doesn’t like to wear any Halloween costume this year even though I would love for him to wear Iron Man, or Spiderman costumes. 

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I am planning to buy a new Christmas Tree just like the one that we have now with LED lights though I couldn’t find it at the store when we went to Hobby Lobby the other day. The web site on the box of our Christmas Tree is not working as I was hoping I can order it online and still no luck at all. If I couldn’t find the Christmas Tree that’s closest to our tree now I will not buy one at all. 

Our Christmas Tree right now is still pretty specially with the LED lights though at the bottom is kind of worn out already. When we were looking at Christmas Trees at Hobby Lobby the other day Charles was very ecstatic. Every time he see’s Christmas decorations he kept on saying; Oh pretty! Just the right size for me. I guess having his own Christmas Tree in his room would be neat and he can decorate on his own. 

Another reason I am looking forward to Christmas is; Eggnog. I never I had Eggnog when I was in the Philippines and you can only have Eggnog once a year. Of course, wrapping and opening Christmas presents!

On Business Investment Consultant


September 16, 2013

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I Miss Charles Sleeping In Our Bed


September 10, 2013

I cannot believed Charles have been sleeping in his bedroom for over a month now. Though every time he lays down at night he always covers his head with blankets so the ghost won’t find him which is very funny. So when Charles is asleep I always check up on him to uncover his face. Of course I miss Charles sleeping in our bed and so does Doug so sometimes we let Charles sleep with us. Anyway, I had a very tiring weekend. 

Charles and I went on a Float Trip which one of the wrestling parents had organized. Doug and I haven’t done anything like canoeing because both of us can’t swim. As Doug always says; I lived close to the beach and you don’t know how to swim? Well, my parents had never really done so much fun things for us when we were kids. They are the type of parents wherein they don’t want us to do something fun and let us do what we really wanted. 

Growing up on a very strict household was very disappointing so in the end I made my decisions without letting them know. Well, my feet are still sore from all the walking over the weekend then we went to Walmart for our grocery shopping. Stood up for hours in the kitchen to make our dinner so I can barely walk now. Geez it is really difficult when you are getting old. How much more when I have a job and I have to stand up for hours? Surely it will not be fun at all or maybe I will just quit early, lol.

He Wants All That He Has Seen On Commercials


September 4, 2013

How was your Labor Day celebration? Hope you had a good one spending time with your family and friends. Well, can you believe its already September? Yup! Before we know it this year will be over and we have no idea where the days have gone. As Halloween fast approaches my son, Charles has no idea what he wants to wear for a Halloween costume and neither do I. 

Charles is not really interested in super heroes unlike his dad which is a huge fan of comic books. Charles is though very excited for his 5th birthday and so are we. All of his aunts and their cousin Linda are coming and we are looking forward to seeing them in just three weeks. And for his gifts he wants all that he has seen on commercials when he watches his recorded movie, Cars 2. 

It’s funny though as he wanted to have Silly Slippeez for his birthday and he doesn’t even like wearing socks or slippers around the house. Aside from Silly Slippeez, Charles also wants to have a Bright Light Pillow and Blanket, Glow Doodle Dome which would take more space in his bed room. At least though he knows what he wants for his birthday unlike me who never remembers what I really wanted when I was his age. 

Got Some Bananas :)


August 26, 2013

I went to A’Chau Oriental Market yesterday and I was very excited when I saw some bananas on displayed. The store also had guava, boc choy and other vegetables just like in the Philippines.  I really liked many of them so I bought them all. I also got jars of Coconut Jelly from Vietnam though the jar is very difficult to open so I always make sure my hubby is around before I make my Buko Salad. Going to A’Chau Oriental Market won’t be complete without buying other products from the Philippines just like what’s on the picture shown below. I didn’t get any Milkfish or Galung-gong because they are out. 

Hopefully the next time I will visit the store they have fish so I can cook Sinigang and Escabeche which are both some of my favorite foods to eat.

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Peach Suit Hotel Supply


August 25, 2013

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He Wants All Of Tomica Hypercity


August 21, 2013

With the temperature getting cooler its time for me to sort out our clothes in the closets that we no longer use. Just in time before it gets colder in the garage as I hate going in there during cold weather. With Charles growing like a weed I definitely need to start sorting out his clothes and toys and put them in his tubs. He’s almost 5 and he never plays much on some of his toys anymore. I guess he doesn’t like playing without a playmate to play with. 

The things that he likes doing the most now is watching his favorite shows on Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Henry Hugglemonster. Just the other day when we were at Walmart during checkout he cried as he wanted a balloon. I told him it is not your birthday and big teary eyes rolled down on his cheeks. So his father got him a Mickey Mouse balloon and he was so happy. Mickey is his favorite character and he wants Mickey Mouse Party Decorations on his birthday. 

He also carried the balloon for hours during that day and when he goes to bed at night the balloon was on his side. With his birthday fast approaching Charles is very excited. He is looking forward to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, bowling and mini golf. And for his birthday gifts he wants all of Tomica Hypercity for his city which won‘t fit in his bedroom already. His idea is to have a yard sale for his old toys to make room for his whole city.

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

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I Thought The Problem Got Fixed


August 20, 2013

I was about to change all of my blog templates for my 3 blogs this year when I noticed I can barely get some tasks to work on. It was very frustrating so I have decided not to spend anything even though the templates are very affordable for my budget. Since my favorite publishing site made some changes to their web site this year my blogging has slowed, my blogs can still get some offers just not the volume as before. 

Though starting this year I noticed I couldn’t accept or decline the task that’s been showing on a duplicate URL’s for one of my blogs. I tried to ignore the problem despite the tasks showing every other day until I had finally decided to address my issues with my duplicate blog URL. I thought the problem got fixed when the URL was suspended and now the task is showing again on the duplicate URL which is not working. 

Its very frustrating when someone replied that I can delete the URL in my account wherein there is no delete button at all. How can I reach $50 with my payments when I can no longer get any tasks to work with? Well, I am planning to delete all of my blogs with that publishing site and call it quits. This year has been really slow when it comes to my blog income compared to last year. In fact, I only got my payment once from my favorite publishing site this year.

Charles Has Been Sleeping In His Own


August 12, 2013

Starting this month, Charles has been sleeping in his own bed and he’s doing good at it. Though I miss him laying in my arm before he goes to sleep at night but when he wakes up in the morning he always climbs up in our bed and sleeps for a couple more hours. I wish I could sleep just like Charles, and my husband, Doug who always sleep all night. Unlike me, last night is one of those nights wherein I couldn’t get any sleep at all. It was about 3 am when I saw an email regarding my domain registration about to expired so I got up and spent time working on the computer. I never realized google made some changes how to access control panel so I could edit my billing accounts and made some updates. 

Thankfully, after two hours I finally figured it out and it was about 5 in the morning when I went back to bed wide awake. Still I couldn’t sleep I had decided to take 3 Melatonin to help me fall asleep for a couple of hours. Sleeping has always been my problem no matter how I take sleeping pills before I go to bed at night. Instead of taking any sleep aids at night I just would rather not take anything. 

Finding A Way To Get Exercise In A Busy Lifestyle


August 7, 2013

Well my husband, Doug’s summer vacation is almost over. It has been a great summer with a trip to visit my sister’s-in-law, attended a wedding and then had my sister’s-in-law visiting last weekend. Charles has loved having his dad around every day and overall things have been almost perfect. Doug though starts back to school next week with a week of professional development and then classes following the week after. Doug has a real busy schedule as a teacher and as a wrestling coach. 

With Doug’s health issues it is really important that he keeps busy and finds a way to work exercise into his daily regime. Of course coaching helps as he is active on the mat but he needs an edge even with his coaching. That is where a guy like Scott Gelbard has excelled as well.  Whether it be coaching a sport, going to the gym or having an active lifestyle guys like Doug and Scott have found the key to a happy and health life.

Charles Thinks It Is His Birthday


August 5, 2013

When my sister’s-in-law called me when they are on their way down here, Charles was worried because he thought it was his birthday and we have not decorated yet. Every day, Charles thinks it is his birthday even though I already told him that his birthday is less than two months away. Of course, he is very excited and he wants Mickey Mouse d├ęcor on his birthday. He also wants to eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and play Mini Golf at Golf Mountain. He just love playing golf so he recorded the British Opens on the DVR. 

Charles also really wants the Paul Menard #27 NASCAR, though we already have it. He also wants a red wagon and a #2 Brad Keselowski Cake, his favorite NASCAR driver. We also hope to get his Geico #13 NASCAR in time for his birthday as Doug has preordered it but it has not been released yet. Charles had a great weekend with his Aunts visiting and it will be even better when they come back for his birthday next month.

Happy And Proud On What He Does


July 26, 2013

Over the last two days now Charles has been doing Fun to Color, and Fun to Cut all by himself. As a mom its hard for me seeing Charles cutting papers as he might cut his fingers. It’s also difficult for him to have a grip of the scissors as he is left handed. Though watching him makes me very happy knowing Charles is very happy and proud on what he does. With Charles being left handed I am having a hard time teaching him how to write his name as well. 

Sometimes I struggle with letting him fail and want to do everything for him. Doug says and he is right that sometimes you have to fail to learn.  That is pretty hard though for a mom to see her child fail. Just yesterday, I taught Charles how to drive his bicycle without training wheels and I am more scared than him. I’m sure he’ll learn how to drive before the end of this month. Today it was raining so we didn’t go outside.

 Though Charles has been wanting to go outside when it is raining so he can jump in the muddy puddles which we never have in our yard. Well can you believe July is almost over? What have you been doing on your summer break so far? I’m sure you are all enjoying your summer break before the school year begins. As for me, I try to live my life one day at a time and look forward to a new day. 

My son, Charles is growing up too fast and spending more time with him is all I can do before he goes to kindergarten. Sending him to school would definitely a problem for Charles and I as we have never been apart for a longer period of time. Every time I will say to Charles that I am going to miss you when you go to school Charles always says; why can’t you be a teacher which makes me laugh. Just like when I said; you were inside my tummy when you were little and Charles said; why did you eat me?

Business Startup Lawyer

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I Am Flooded With Unwanted Phone Calls


July 24, 2013

A few days ago, one of my Yahoo Mail accounts got hacked. I only noticed it when I checked my iPhone and saw a couple of unsent messages and one email from Yahoo account services. When I opened my account on Yahoo I had to enter a security question and changed my password right away. With my account being hacked of course I am worried.

Some of my emails contained very personal information with my 1099 Miscellaneous Income for Tax purposes. Aside from sending emails to all of my contacts I also noticed I am flooded with unwanted phone calls every day. It is very annoying so I changed my ring tone to the people that I talk to most of the time and ignore the calls with different tones.

I know Doug is right I should get a new phone as my contract is up but I don’t feel like getting a new one at this time. Buying a new phone will give me the opportunity to change my number but this doesn’t mean I couldn’t get anymore unwanted phone calls. For now, I am happy with my iPhone and I will stick with it. Once I drop it again maybe I will get a new one even though I know how to fix a broken screen.

I Actually Drove The Car


July 13, 2013

Thank God for the perfect weather we had today. I actually drove the car going to WalMart and back home. Though I was very nervous behind the wheel when I saw a couple of cars coming my way. At least when I was on the traffic lights there was no cars in front of me and I got the green light signal. Well today is Krispy Kreme’s 76th Birthday and they are offering, buy a dozen, get a dozen for 76 cents only. That’s a good deal especially since I like Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. 

But unfortunately doughnuts don’t sound good to me right now and my boys don’t need to eat too much sweets. I am not very controlling of what my boys can eat. Protecting their health issues is what I am worried about that my husband is diabetic and I don’t want Charles to be diabetic his whole life. It’s hard not to be able to eat what my husband loves to eat and it makes him feel very sad.

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What A Productive Day


July 1, 2013

What a productive day for the 3 of us. Doug got his eye checkup today and it turned out very well. The optometrist used a new machine to take in-depth scans of Doug’s eyes.  These showed the health of the eye and great for Doug he did not have to get his eyes dilated. Thankfully, Doug has insurance as it is way too expensive to buy a new pair of eye glasses. I never have had my eyes checked as I refused to have them checked while I was covered on my husband’s vision plan.

I would love to get covered again and get them checked as maybe that would help with my occasional migraines. I am not getting any younger and getting sick has been having my eyes hurt each month. Its also difficult for me when I'm not feeling very well and Charles wants to play outside and I do not feel well enough to go outside and play with him. With Charles growing up so fast, I want to spend all the time I can with my baby.

Summer Has Just Began


June 22, 2013

Summer has just began and I know you are all enjoying your summer vacation just like as I am with my family. Charles is having fun doing all his NASCAR, and Indy Car races with his aunts as his audience. Well today, I attended a wedding of Marla and Mike. The wedding was simple compared to what I have witnessed in the Philippines wherein hundreds of people are attending the wedding. 

Anyway, I’m still not feeling great as my back really hurts. Its always one thing or another. Though the positive thing was we got new sets of tires and changed the brake lights. But when we were driving on our way down here yesterday I heard some noise from the car and it scared the hell out of me. Of course I was worried even though the car had new tires. Anything possibly could have gone wrong and that was what I feared.

Clarinet Instrument

Doug’s sister Connie played clarinet while in junior and senior high school when she was a kid. Now her nephew, Charles is a budding musician and plays many instruments like drums, guitar, harmonica and keyboard. Connie was looking into giving Charles a clarinet and the one she likes the best is the buffet clarinet at wwbw, it is a great instrument with good quality and a decent price as well.

With Summer's Fast Approaching


June 10, 2013

Any thoughts on last night’s season finale of Game of Thrones? Well I have never watched the show since it started. Though I heard good things about the show from my husband as Game of Thrones is one of his favorite shows to watch on television. As for me I watched game 2 of the NBA Finals. It was a great game were the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs. Aside from watching the NBA Finals, I also watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Real Housewives of New Jersey. And later today, I am going to watch my recorded show Princesses Long Island, that's been sitting in our DVR for days. 

Anyway, with summer's fast approaching I’ve been planning to grow some tomatoes, green and red bell peppers instead of buying these produce from the store even though they are not pricey. These types of produce are always on my lists when I cook soup which makes it very delicious. Since we are visiting my in-laws next week I will just have to plant them as soon as we get back home. Perhaps I can bring some soil from my sister-in-law instead of buying bags of potting soil from Walmart which could cost me quite a bit. 

How To Earn Income From The Comfort Of Your Home


June 3, 2013

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Outsourcing or individual contractor status is also very popular. With computer skills like data processing, programming and web design in demand you can sell your skills to businesses that need your proficiency. Lastly, there has been a swing upward in professional blogging and writing. You only need to connect with those willing to pay for your writings about their products and businesses. This growing trend of working from your home has shown no indication of slowing down.

Tasty Pandesal :)


June 2, 2013

I baked my homemade Pandesal this morning. As you can see it doesn’t really looked like Pandesal but it tasted really good. I only screwed up in measuring ingredients as I planned to make 2 cups of flour instead of 4. I added the mixture of milk and yeast into the flour when I realized I don’t need 1 1/3 cups of milk. The dough was lumpy so I added 2 cups of flour into the mixture. 

Unlike when I first tried to make homemade doughnuts they did not turn out so well. My so-called doughnuts were hard as a rock. Doug and I were both laughing when we tasted the doughnuts as it was really hard. While my Pandesal tasted really good all I need to do is perfect the shape and let the dough rise for 1 hour. And as they say  practice makes perfect.

Triple Crown Races

Just last month I watched the Kentucky Derby for the first time. While I had seen some horse racing movies like Seabiscuit and Secretariat I had never actually watched the race. I have since really began to love the beauty of the triple crown races. I love the horses, the color and the pomp and circumstance. I also love the spectacle of sport that is horse racing.

Geese Nearby


June 1, 2013

I had quite a busy day. Drove the car and I was a little bit disappointed because I had troubled backing out. Knowing I have plenty of time to practice driving the car I’m sure I will continue to learn through the summer. Though every time I drive the car I am nervous but I have be strong and confident. Doug is not going to drive us all the time as he has his own job do. But the most funny thing today was when Charles drove the car and he thought he won in driving. Charles is very competitive though he hates losing in every game we have. 

While I was driving today I saw some geese nearby so I took some photos. Nobody owns these geese so they are just roaming around.

Zoo Printing

If you or your business need anything printed it is important that you find a reputable, reliable and affordable company to work with. Getting prints at wholesale is what you need to find. Luckily, there are companies out there that can provide all the printing in all it variations you could every want. From flyers, posters, business cards and more to custom bindings there is someone you can count on.

What Are Your Plans For The Summer?


May 28, 2013

It has been a long time since I have received any tasks from one of my favorite publishing sites. Though I kept on getting emails about many tasks available I have not seen any tasks at all for my blogs. Its kind of disappointing as well especially with the publishing site raising their payment threshold to $50 before a blogger can cash out funds. Well, only a few weeks away before the summer begins. What are your plans for the summer?

For me, I have so many plans to do this summer and renewing my passport is one of them. It sucks though to renew my passport as we are going to Chicago and it is a long way to drive. Doug hates traffic and the stop lights especially when there’s a stop light at every corner. Yeah it’s kind of annoying hitting all the red lights even when I am not the one driving the car. We also hate driver’s that are driving under the speed limit. 

Aside from renewing my passport I am looking forward to get my driver’s license. Charles is going to school next year and definitely I will be the one to drive him when he goes to school. To be honest I am not really comfortable thinking of Charles going to school. He’s not been around to many kids and I am afraid he will go home one day with many bruises because a kid attacked him. As a mother I am scared of bullying and it could happen to any child and I would not allow that to happen to my son.

Great Way To Get Traffic


May 23, 2013

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Tornadoes Are Definitely Scary


May 20, 2013

I have been watching the news since this afternoon and my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma. Several houses were destroyed and 24 fatalities were confirmed dead already. Tornadoes are definitely scary even just watching them on the news is really horrible. I remember my first tornado warning when I arrived here in the U.S., and Doug was at school.

I was the only one in the house and when I heard the siren it was very loud and scared me really bad. How much more for those people affected by this tornado? They lost everything and it will take years to get their lives back together. While typing this blog I heard the rain gushing on our window. Thankfully we are not on a tornado warning anymore. My son, Charles was scared when he heard the loud thunder earlier.

We also lost our satellite signal luckily, we still have an antenna that we got from Doug’s friend, Rick. With tornado devastation life is really just so short. We don’t know what life is ahead of us in the next few minutes. Make every minute count as if it is your last day to spend time with your loved ones.

Charles Is Feeling So Much Better Now


May 16, 2013

I’m glad my son, Charles is feeling so much better now. He spent hours playing Spider Solitaire, and Starfall. Charles was very excited when he won Spider Solitaire and so was I. I never thought Charles could learn so easily how to play games. I never played games on the computer nor on my phone but Charles does. Now he’s putting three different puzzles together in the kitchen which is a good thing for my baby. Anyway, I just got up from bed trying to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep at all. 

Sleeping has been my problem over the years even taking sleeping pills does not help me at all. Well, tomorrow is Friday. What are you going to do over the weekend? For us, we are going to watch NASCAR Truck racing, and NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Stars. We never thought the three of us were going to be NASCAR fans. Thanks to Charles as he was the first one who began watching NASCAR Racing last year. He’s all-time favorite NASCAR driver, is Brad Keselowski no matter how we told him there are better drivers then Brad. 

Charles being a Brad Keselowski fan, he wants a Brad Keselowski cake for his birthday. Lets see, his 5th birthday is just four months away and I know Charles is not going to change his mind about the Brad Keselowski cake. Aside from watching NASCAR races Doug is planning to watch Star Trek. Charles doesn’t like watching movies at the theater aside from his Cars and Cars 2 movies on our DVR. In fact, he watches them over and over again every day.

Order Is Not In The Mail

Shopping online is very convenient right from your computer and smart phones. Over the years my husband, Doug has been shopping online with no problem until he bought a NASCAR car for Charles a couple of weeks ago. Soon as my husband won the bidding he transferred his payment to the seller but has not gotten the car yet. The NASCAR car is not that expensive though Doug bought the car for Charles to add to his NASCAR Car Collections. Doug is not believing the car will arrive in the mail. 

I know he is so disappointed every time he checks our mail box and his order is not in the mail. I have been ordering myself online and happy with my orders until my last order from JUSTFAB. I really had a bad order from JUSTFAB. My boots looked really good from their website but when I got them, they were very ugly. The boots are still in the box and I am not planning to wear them at all. The materials that they used are very cheap and it was made in China.

Look Into Premise Foam

It is becoming that time of year when all the fun creepy crawling pests begin to get real active. While my husband hates spiders, the worst pests have to be termites and wood ants. If you have the displeasure of an infestation of these pests you need to look into premise foam. The foam is a spot application meant to stop small attacks by termites and wood pests. The application is prepackaged to make it easy to use.

Charles Has Another Tooth Coming


May 6, 2013

Over the last few days I've been having headaches and my eyes were hurting really bad. Thank God, Charles and I are feeling so much better now as he had a fever the other day. He has another tooth coming at the lower back end of his jaw and he thought its funny the way it felt when he touches it. Now that I am feeling so much better I have a lot of chores that needs to be done. My husband, Doug can do household chores though I am not satisfied with the way he does chores around the house. 

Besides, his back has been hurting really bad lately. Geez! Doug and I are getting old and not in the best of health. When someone is sick in the family it is really difficult especially since I still don‘t have my driver’s license so I can drive. How I wish we lived closer to his family. It is just difficult when nobody can help us when we need help. Oh well, only three weeks left and the school year will be over. We don’t have any big plans for the summer aside from visiting his sisters in June and attending his cousin’s wedding. 

Though I would love to renew my passport, going to Chicago is quite a trip. Driving down to Chicago is definitely not fun at all especially in the summer as it is way too hot and the traffic would be really bad. Charles doesn't like taking long trips and he keeps asking, “are we there yet”? Just yesterday, Charles and I did our grocery shopping and all he wanted to do was go home as soon as he got his monster truck. It is really difficult to shop around with my boy but maybe next time he’ll love it.

Less Than 5 Months Away


May 1, 2013

Less than 5 months away is my son, Charles’ 5th birthday. He is very excited and he wants to eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s. My husband, Doug is not a huge fan of Chuck E. Cheese’s but I am. The last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s I enjoyed playing Skee-Ball and other games. Well, I am loving the weather that we’ve been having over the last few days now. We can actually spend time outside playing with my son, Charles and do other things. Just the other day Charles and I shopped at Pinnacle Hills Promenade while my husband watched a movie. I am not really a big fan of watching movies though I have my favorite ones. 

Besides, it is hard to take Charles to watch a movie and sit for so long as he always complained that it is taking so long. When Charles and I were shopping he was eager to go to the play area, then shop around with me. Though it was fun especially when he danced when we were inside Victoria’s Secret. He was singing The Star Spangled Banner as well though I told him not to sing it loud. Yes my son can memorize and sing the Star Spangled Banner as he always sings it every time he does before his NASCAR races start.

Debt Relief Law Firm


April 27, 2013

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New Zealand, Queenstown Apartments


April 20, 2013

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Problem with My New Domain


April 16, 2013

The other day, I created another blog I’m A Bravoholic, and bought a domain right away. I thought I should be using my new domain by now until I realized I’m still using blogspot. Of course, I tried to figured out why in the world my domain doesn’t exist and spent almost 3 hours for 2 days now. Reading is not fun as it makes me dizzy and throw up sometimes. The problem that I have had encountered was I couldn’t create an administrator account for my goggle apps and got a server error so I could not access my control panel. On my blogger settings, as I already bought the domain, I clicked switch to advanced settings and got this error as well, “we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain, Error 12. 

To fix this I had to go to my domain registrar’s website locate my Domain Name Systems (DNS) and enter the following two CNAMEs.” If these don’t really work in the next few days I will call google apps, I already got their number. As much as I hate calling customer service I have to know I will be on hold for hours which is very frustrating. If the problem won’t be resolved I will just have to delete the blog and make another one. Though wasting $10 for a one year subscription for my domain is not fun after all.

Perfect Backpack For Us

One of the great things about living in the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas is how beautiful the area is. Many beautiful natural areas are all within a short distance from us. Whether it be fishing, boating, camping or hiking we are just minutes from it all. Since my husband is on a health kick he has decided that he would like to go hiking again like he did when he was younger. He has been searching for the perfect backpack for us and really loves the Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack. It is great not just for a big guy like Doug, but smaller people like me too.

I Did My Spring Cleaning


April 8, 2013

It has been a busy week for me. I did my spring cleaning in my closet and I got rid of all the clothes that I am no longer wearing. Its amazing how many clothes and jeans I got and most of them are still new though it doesn’t fit on me anymore. I did the same with Charles’ closet and get rid of the clothes that he has outgrown. Our garage is very neat as I stacked up all the tubs and boxes of the same size and you can see it very well from the outside.

It is hard to keep our house clean all the time with my four year old son, Charles. Cooking is my other thing to do and yesterday I cooked Menudo. Menudo is one of my favorite dishes to eat way back in the Philippines. The food is very easy to make and tastes so delicious. 

Huge TV Night for My Husband


April 1, 2013

Last night was a huge TV night for my husband, Doug. Doug has many shows on Sunday night, it is his favorite night of TV. First of all Doug was excited by the season premier of his favorite show, Game of Thrones.  Doug has read all the books in the series and loves this show. It was also the season finale of Walking Dead.  Doug loves Zombie movies, me not so much. Doug also has been really enjoying, Vikings on the History Channel. As a history teacher, Doug loves history and Vikings are his favorite culture. 

Thank God we now have DVR’s which makes it easy to not miss any of your favorite shows. What shows do you never miss and have to watch? As for me I have never watched any of Doug’s shows as I am definitely a Bravo avid viewer. My husband, Doug hates The Real Housewives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I am glad we have multiple TVs. 

I Want to Eat BBQ Ribs Tomorrow


March 27, 2013

We were watching BBQ Paradise 2: Another Rack on Travel Channel tonight when my husband saw a Philippine Flag on the show. Of course, he was more excited then I was. I wasn’t really paying attention on the show so Doug made sure I saw what he saw on the show. I got excited when I saw Cebu City Smokers 2012 Memphis in May International Team from the Philippines. While seeing BBQ ribs tonight makes me want to eat BBQ tomorrow. After watching on Travel Channel Doug and I watched Duck Dynasty on A&E and Big Bang Theory on TBS. Big Bang Theory always make Doug laughed out loud. The show is very funny and it is one of my favorite shows to watch aside from all the Real Housewives on Bravo. 

Oh well, just a few days left before Easter and it looks like our weather is going to get crappy again. Wish we just have had snow instead of getting rain and stormy weather. We need nicer weather for Spring so we can enjoy doing fun things outside the house. Just this afternoon Charles drove his jeep for about 15 minutes and the weather gets chilly so we went back inside the house.

Easter Egg Hunt for Charles


March 26, 2013

I can’t believed March is almost over. Doug and I are planning to have an Easter Egg Hunt for Charles just inside our house. Last year, Charles was very excited when he woke up in the morning and saw eggs around the house. He thinks it was the Easter Bunny who came by and left those eggs for him. When I was a kid we never had any Easter Egg Hunting around the house. Holy Week is only different though because we never eat meat on Good Friday. My grandmother is very strict when it comes to Holy Week not to work on Good Friday. 

In my nearly 6 years of stay here in the United States I learned how millions of Catholics celebrate Holy Week. Holy Week is just an ordinary day for Catholics here in the U.S. It is not a big deal unlike how we celebrate Holy Week in the Philippines wherein there is a re-enactment of Passion of Christ. Black Saturday is kind of boring day, TV and Radio Stations are off which means you have nothing to watch or listen to. Oh well, only two months left before the school year is over. Doug and I have not made any plans yet for the summer aside from visiting his sisters. 

Though my passport had expired and going to Chicago is quite a trip. I am not really worried about my passport not being renewed this year as we are not planning to visit to the Philippines this year. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he only wants to go home right away even if we haven’t left the driveway. When we went to Branson during my husband’s Spring break Charles asked so many times; are we there yet? How much more going to the Philippines? Charles doesn’t like waiting all he wants to do is be home and do his NASCAR races. At his age of 4 I can’t dictate Charles what I want for him to do because Charles will do what he wants. 

Like, I want Charles to color in his coloring book but Charles likes to paint. Teach him how to write letters but he would rather read his books. Geez we’re not on the same path and I’m okey with it. All I need to do is enjoy every moment that I have with my son, Charles. I know he is growing up so fast. While typing this blog Charles is on my back reading every words that I typed which is amazing. When I was on his age I definitely did not know how to read and count numbers. Thank God Charles is truly blessed.

Use Toggle Bolts

If spring would finally get here let alone summer we can get started on this years home improvements. We are planning on doing some drywall work and Doug has been researching the best way to use toggle bolts to support heavier things in our wall. Getting the right support tools are key to our home improvements for this year and in the future.

Tomorrow is going to be different


March 24, 2013

Every Sunday I have four different shows to watch on television at the same time. I’m glad I can set my DVR and record my other shows and watch it once my other show is over. Recording shows makes it even quicker to watch as I can skip the commercials. I also fast-forward on some segments that I don’t want to see on my show that I am watching. Oh well, tomorrow is Monday and my husband, Doug will go back to school after his spring break. Charles is used to getting up early in the morning soon as he hears his daddy in the living room. 

Surely tomorrow is going to be different when Charles wakes up in the morning and his daddy is not around. Definitely it is going to be a long day for Charles, and I and I‘m glad we can get out of the house later tomorrow. My husband is having a banquet for wrestling where he teaches at and I am going to make chicken wings adobo. Hopefully they will like the chicken wings adobo.

Got Back Home from Springfield, Missouri


March 21, 2013

Last night, I wasn’t feeling very well when we got back home from Springfield, Missouri. Though only a few days before left for our Spring break, I was already achy and I was hesitant of going to our trip but we already made our plans. On our way to Branson we drove down to Eureka Springs, and boy it was very scary for me. One single mistake behind the wheel could lead any driver and passenger all the way from the mountains down the hill. The road is very curvy and is only a two way highway. If an accident occurs you’ll definitely stack on the road for hours. Though Charles made it fun when we drove around Eureka Springs. Laughed at himself that he was dizzy and never forgot his line, are we there yet? 

Charles wants to go to Bass Pro Shops


March 13, 2013

I can’t wait for this week to be over. Next week is my husband Doug’s spring break and we have already made some plans for his spring break. We are going to go to Branson, shop at Tanger Outlet and I am looking forward to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Charles wants to go to Bass Pro Shops, as he cannot remember we’ve been to Bass Pro a couple times when we used to lived in Republic, Missouri. Charles also is looking forward to going to the Racing Collectible Store to check out NASCAR things. 

Doug also wanted to see some of his friends who live in Springfield, maybe a game night is on the list. Visiting Seoul Market, and Binhtay would be great where I can buy some dried fish and other goods from the Philippines. Aside from spring break, only two months are left before the school year is over though Doug still needs to do open mats for wrestling.

I Loved Home Goods


March 8, 2013

Three new stores Shoe Carnival, Marshalls, and Home Goods, just opened yesterday. I loved the Home Goods items that they had in the store, which were very affordable for my budget. In fact, I bought dinnerware, and my husband got a couple of T-shirts as his birthday present for himself. We didn’t buy any toys for Charles from Home Goods as he already got 2 NASCAR Cars that he got from an Antique Store. Leaving the store empty handed for Charles made him mad and said no to every thing we asked from him. Waiting our pizza at Mellow Mushroom also made him so frustrated and kept on complaining that he’s been waiting for ages. 

Aside from the newly opened stores, Carnival Fair is in town and I would love to ride some of those rides that they have. I’m sure Charles and I can ride together specially now that he is catching up with my height. He is surely growing up so fast. My husband, Doug always says by the time Charles is 5 we will be the same height which is funny to me. At least though we know now Charles is going to be tall just like his father which is a good thing.

On Portable Bleachers

Doug has been looking hard for portable bleachers over the last few weeks. Doug’s school has a great gym but in the auxiliary gym there are no bleachers. Each year Doug hosts a huge wrestling tournament with teams from different states coming in. Doug would like to add two mats to the auxiliary gym for fans so that he can use the gym. Portable bleachers are perfect for this application.

My Glazed Doughnuts Craving


March 5, 2013

I’ve been craving glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, the past couple of days and tonight I finally have it. Doug also got a dozen assorted doughnuts as he likes them very much. As for me, glazed are my favorite ones. 

Anyway, before we went to Krispy Kreme tonight, I followed James Franklin, Missouri Tiger’s College Quarterback on Twitter and he followed me back on Twitter. Oh my gosh I was so excited! I think he’s cute and is a great Quarterback for Mizzou. I have seen College Football games twice and I loved it one in Columbia, Missouri and the other one in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It was a Border Showdown between Kansas and Mizzou. Hopefully this year we can watch another football game at Columbia as I love going to the campus. 

Screamed Out Loud


March 1, 2013

Doug’s spring break is in just two weeks and we are all looking forward to the break. We have not made any plans yet on what we should do during his one week off. I would love to practice in driving the car. My son, Charles will attend school next school year and I would be the one to drive and pick him up at school. To be honest I am really scared to drive the car specially when I think I will be the first one to stop on the stop light and go when it turn green. Anyway, I still have plenty of time to practice to drive the car and I guess I will do great. Driving by myself will be great in the long run. I can go shopping, buy our groceries without worrying Doug and Charles who are always in a hurry to get back home. 

Just like yesterday, we went to the mall and I spent my Victoria’s Secret Gift Card that I got from Valentine’s Day. Doug and Charles did their own shopping and every thing went very well until we went to Gordmans. Charles wanted a truck worth $25 and we didn’t buy it for him. He screamed out loud and the same thing happened when we went to Walmart. I heard him screamed across from where I was inside Walmart. It is also one of the reason why I am not planning to go home to the Philippines. Charles doesn’t like taking long trips and he easily gets bored. How much more when we visit to the Philippines? Riding inside the plane would be a torture for Charles and surely he is going to scream out very loud.

Obermeyer Ski Jackets

I was browsing on the web and the Obermeyer Positano Insulated Ski Jacket caught my eye. The jacket is absolutely beautiful and I would love to buy one for myself and for my son, Charles. The obermeyer jackets have great quality and the cost is very affordable. Charles already saw what kind of jacket he’s going to have and he is super excited. What else can I say Obermeyer Icon Ski Jackets also come in his favorite color which is blue. 

On Daytona 500


February 24, 2013

Well today was my son, Charles’ big day. Charles has been waiting for months for his favorite thing to be on TV, NASCAR races. Today was the 1st race of the season the Daytona 500. Charles’ favorite driver Brad Keselowski was near the front but came in 4th. Charles was very upset and almost cried because Brad Keselowski did not win. I find it remarkable that he knows all 40 drivers and will watch a NASCAR race for four hours straight and he is only four. I was pulling for Danica Patrick as she was the first woman to win the Pole for the race and she finished in the top ten. What a great finished for Jimmie Johnson, who won the Daytona 500 and Dale Earnhardt Jr in second place.

My Victoria's Secret Gift Card


February 17, 2013

How was your Valentine's Day? Me, I had a great Valentine's Day Doug, and Charles got me a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. Charles picked my gift card and I really loved it. I know I should have gotten a steamer a long time ago but I have decided not go get one even though Doug kept on insisting that I need to buy one.  The rice cooker that I really liked at the Asian Store is way over priced around $130 though it is lovely and was holding me back from getting one even though I really liked to have one a lot.

Well Doug and Charles surprised me with a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. This gift will be a great use, especially the Food Steamer as I like making Steamed Cake (Puto). For my gift card I am going to use it on the 28 of this month so I can get a Secret Rewards Card when I purchase things at Victoria’s Secret. 

Yoga Accessories


February 11, 2013

It is amazing how a simple exercise like yoga has so many accessories to help you keep your yoga exercises more fresh and challenging. I have not done any yoga exercise in years and I am planning to do it to have a healthy lifestyle. While browsing on the web I have found thera band from yogaaccessories. These thera bands and other accessories are affordable and are usefully to keep you anxious to continue your exercise routines.

At Rib Crib


Over the last few days now we have been eating out at restaurants and it is costing us more money than our weekly grocery budget. Yesterday, we ate at Rib Crib in Springdale before we went to look at Antique Stores. I had ordered the Rack of Wrath and it tasted really good. I also loved the fries it was so crunchy and I liked the seasoning that they used. Doug had ordered a three meat combo; ribs, pulled pork, and hot links. His sides onion rings tasted really good as well as the fries.

Charles Wanted To Eat at Red Lobster


February 4, 2013

We had quite a busy weekend. Charles wanted to eat at Red Lobster and he got what he really wanted. I ordered wood grilled shrimp, scallops, and lobster. My food tasted really good. We also went shopping and found some great clothes at Ross Dress. Doug got a new book by Robert Jordan, that he really wanted from Barnes & Noble. When Doug was browsing for his book Charles and I went to the play area there was a kid in there already. Though the mom left her son without saying any word to the kid. 

As a mother I can’t leave Charles with other kids that I don’t know anything about. What if someone will take the kid when she was gone? I may have not read any parenting books but I am very confident about my parenting skills for my son, Charles. I just follow my instincts when a situation occurs.

Charles Wants To Buy a Balloon


February 1, 2013

Charles asked me when is Valentine’s Day, I said February 14. He wants to buy a balloon on Valentine’s Day so he can give it to me. It was so sweet of Charles to think ahead on what  he could give me on Valentine’s Day. Oh well how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather over the last couple of days had been very warm despite the winter season. We actually turned on our air conditioning unit to cool us off and we all loved it especially at night. Then the other day we had severe weather. It rained all day thankfully we did not have a tornado warning. 

We also went to watch wrestling duals were Doug coaches at. Charles had a really great time when he wrestled with the other kids though there was a kid that was a little smaller than him and Charles kept on wrestling with him. Now, Charles is interested to wrestle as he thinks he is tough and he can win all the time but Doug said, not all the time. There are other kids that are tougher than you are but Charles insisted he is very tough.

Outstanding Weather


January 27, 2013

Wow the weather here the last two days has been outstanding. Today, was over 60 degrees. Two years ago about this time of year we had 2 feet of snow. So many areas are having a huge cold streak and here in Northwest Arkansas we are not far away from that horrible weather. So today, we went to two Asian stores so I could buy dried fish and vegetables. Then we went to Walmart to do our weekly grocery shopping. What a great day we had.

Worship Chairs


January 19, 2013

My sister-in law, Cheryl’s church has decided it is time to do some renovations in their worship center. Finding the perfect chairs church for seating is something that Cheryl is helping with. She loves and has convinced the church to do the progressive thing and do away with pews and instead bring in comfortable chairs. Not only are the chairs more comfortable but allow for more versatile use of space in the church.

Charles' Favorite Channel SPEED

Charles is definitely not interested in watching his shows on Nick JR and Nickelodeon though he still watches on Disney Junior. His favorite channel now is SPEED and has watched these shows this morning until now. 

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing 
British Touring Car Championships 
Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction 

Charles is really interested in cars and he also likes doing his own races in the living room while watching the shows. Aside from cars, when Charles saw the commercials on television for things he really likes he wants to buy all of them. Its funny though even commercials for girls he also wants them. Watching Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction, is quite interesting to see all the different classic cars. I have never seen most of the cars in the auction and they are all very expensive. Really great cars and designed for perfection. Surely when you are a car collector you’ll be in heaven when you win in every auction for the cars that you like to have.

Alabama Apparel


January 17, 2013

My husband, Doug is a huge sports fan. Doug coaches wrestling now exclusively but has coached football for 17 years as well. Doug grew up in a family that loved sports and he has been a lifelong fan as well as participant. This year Doug had a tough season rooting for his favorite football teams. Doug is a huge fan of the Raiders who were not good this year at all. Doug was also really excited for college football as his favorite team, Mizzou joined the SEC this year. Though disappointed by Mizzou’s record he was happy to see Alabama continue the SEC dominance and win the National Title. 

Doug has many kids at school who are huge fans of the Crimson Tide and he sees a lot of Alabama apparel everyday. One of Doug’s favorite students, Mason is a huge Tide fan and orders his shirts straight from the University of Alabama. Mason’s University of Alabama shirts are always the most up to date and quite stylish as well. It is great to show the pride you have in your college or your favorite college team. Of course with the dynasty that Nick Saban has started there is no telling how long Alabama will continue to dominate.

Don't Brag About It


January 11, 2013

Charles and I always watch wrestling matches where Doug coaches at. Yesterday was one of those days and it was good to see his kids wrestle very well in every match. Though there was a mom whose son wrestled against a girl and the mom kept on screaming, “Want some more”? I guess when your son is wrestling against a girl you don’t need to scream out loud. Surely your son is much stronger than the girl and you don‘t have to brag about it. Most of the wrestling matches were pretty good and exciting. 

Charles was not so interested in the wrestling matches as he was playing with his car and flag on the bleachers. While putting the mats back at the gym Charles had so much fun playing basketball with Hunter though he couldn’t make the ball go up as high as the rim. Then Charles tried to wrestle with other kids but Charles doesn’t know any wrestling moves at all. He was just laughing and running around when the kids tried to wrestle him.

Gurkha Cigars


January 9, 2013

I have never heard about gurkha cigars brand so I decided to look them up on the web to see what they are like. Famous Smoke Shop offers gurkha cigars as luxury cigars from ancient period of time. Despite them being luxury items the cigars are very affordable on your budget and will make great gifts for any cigar smoker or collector.

Cut Back On Drinking Caffeinated Drinks


January 8, 2013

Can you believed that we’re already on January 8th? Time flies really fast and I know most of you are already keeping your New Year’s resolution, right? As for me, I never have any New Year’s resolution to keep. Though I am planning to cut back on drinking caffeinated drinks like Pepsi and Coke for every meal. Hopefully this would help me get to sleep at night. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I don’t get enough sleep every night even though I am taking sleeping medicines like Unisom and Melatonin. 

Oh well, Charles and I are going to watch a wrestling match this Thursday just to get out from the house. Charles is more interested now in doing wrestling and he likes to wrestle with his dad. Its also good for Charles to be around with other people so he will get used to it when he goes to preschool. He doesn’t have a playmate where he can play all the time so sometimes he is kind of shy at first. But once he gets around for a couple minutes Charles loves to talk and laugh.

Charles' Monster Truck Collection


January 4, 2013

It is hard to keep our house clean with my four year old son, Charles. Yesterday, I was about to change his bed sheets and I felt like I couldn’t walk with all of his toys laying around his room. I freaked out and thought about the show the show on TLC, Hoarding Buried Alive. So I had decided to pick them all up and took some photos before I put them in the tub. Charles has plenty of toys to play with and he doesn’t know how to put them in the tub when he is done playing and they always end up on the floor. I know Doug always tells me “You have a 4 year old”, but I can’t help it laying all his toys around the house. It is driving me crazy. 

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

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Charles' NASCAR Cars Collection


January 1, 2013

While waiting for New Year’s Eve last night Doug had decided to arranged Charles NASCAR Cars on the table. I do not know who is more obsessive, Charles, Doug or his sisters. Well Charles could only not find one of his cars; his number 18 Snickers Car. He has over 80 of the smaller cars all NASCAR originals. He also has a few of the bigger sizes as well. Charles even wore his M & M racing outfit for the picture.