Of Visiting The Philippines


December 17, 2012

Doug and I has been planning of visiting the Philippines hopefully next year. As I looked at the price of a roundtrip airline tickets around May, from Kansas City, to Manila it is around $1,585.50 one adult only, and includes all government and airport taxes and fees plus all carrier-imposed surcharges. Another roundtrip tickets from Manila to Tacloban plus hotel accommodation is surely another high price upon our budget. With the Fiscal Cliff still on the verge of negotiation what could affect be my husband’s salary and tax returns? Also the value of the dollar rate in the Philippines is getting low one dollar is equivalent to around 39 pesos. Way too lower than in previous years. Maybe a few years from now one dollar would be equivalent to 1 peso. We really wanted to visit in the Philippines for a couple of weeks before Charles goes to school next year. 

It has been five years since I have seen my family. Life is too short and I don’t want to regret one day because of one wrong decision like not visiting the Philippines. As I spoke with my mother the other night her first cousin Maribel, died a couple of days ago. She just had her baby this September 21st. No known complications from her childbirth so it was kind of shocked to me when I heard the news. I realized how lucky I am throughout my pregnancy and childbirth of Charles. Don’t have any problems at all though when I think of having another child I keep on thinking what if something goes wrong? Well, that’s our plan for now. I need to renew my passport but Doug is busy with the wrestling season specially at this time of the year until February.


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