My JUSTFAB Complaint


December 12, 2012

I spent hours reading JustFab rip off from their customers complaint who had been charged of $39.95 store credit. Just the other day, I had the same problem and had store credit of $39.95 which I can use to make a purchase to any items from the website. I really don’t want to make a purchase as of this month as I am saving the money for another reason. Still JustFab charged me of $39.95 and saw it on the bank statement yesterday. Last night, I had to ordered Tarni boots. When I checked the tracking order it doesn’t show activity about my order. This thing is making me anxious now when something goes wrong with my order online. I have read negative complaints from customers and I am planning the same way of cancelling my account once I receive the item hopefully. 

Buying shoes and handbags for $39.95 and getting free shipping is not worthy when you are a member from JustFab. In the end you will be charge of $39.95 when you forgot to skip every 5th day of the month which I did and still I was charged the next day. If I couldn’t see any actions on my tracking order I would definitely call their customer service number and ask my refund. JustFab’s customer service representatives are rude and will put you on hold according to the complaints that I have read earlier. For now, I will have to wait for my order and I am going to cancel my account right away.


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