My Freebies From Victoria's Secret


December 3, 2012

Charles and I went to see a Junior Varsity Wrestling Tournament yesterday where my husband coaches. While we were there I weighed myself and I wasn’t surprised that I gained 10 lbs. I definitely gained weight over the years and I am loving it. My only complained when I gained weight is I don’t fit most of my jeans so I bought new pair of jeans after Thanksgiving. I saved some bucks because my sister-in-law Connie had her Kohl’s card worth $10 plus coupons and she gave it to me. I do really like shopping. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought products from Victoria’s Secret and during checkout the cashier gave me a Secret Reward Card. The amount will be reveal when I make another purchase from November 29 to December 20, 2012. Though the card has $10, $50, $100 or $500 off which is exciting. I also got a $10 off from Victoria’s Secret in the mail as Happy Birthday Card valid now through January 31, 2013. 

I also want to have a customer rewards card from Dillard’s though they need a Driver’s License and I don’t have one. My Green Card is not considered a valid ID because there are numbers on the Driver’s License that they want to enter on the system and my Green Card hasn’t. But according to the sales associate I can use my husband’s Driver License to sign up for customer rewards card using my name. I know this sounds weird to me that is why I never keep on bugging Doug about this issue. The only good thing of having customer rewards card is I will earn points for every dollar I spent which great every time I shop at Dillard’s.


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