I Need To Pack Our Clothes


December 21, 2012

Just a few days away and we are going to visit my husband’s sisters for the holiday. I usually pack our clothes one week before we leave and for some reason I haven’t started packing anything yet. Over these past couple of days now I have not been feeling very well. Every time I will start doing household chores around the house I felt like I am getting dizzy. I have been feeling this way for the past couple of months now and ignored it thinking this will go away and it just keeps getting worse. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I don’t get enough sleep every night or during the daytime. I just can’t sleep even though I will take medicine like melatonin or unisom still these doesn’t help at all. 

When we were kids when we are afraid of something like someone had died and couldn’t sleep my mother would take us in town and have our “Palu-on”. “Palu-on” hmmm how do I described the thing? A tiny bowl of hot coconut shells and dried leaves to keep it smoke while the person is saying a prayer. Believe me it smells really good and that kind of thing really helped me and I would like to do it when we visit next year. Hopefully I would feel so much better later today so I can start packing our clothes and clean the bathrooms before we leave. I also want to go shopping and use my secret rewards card that I got from Victoria’s Secret when I shopped at the store. I don’t know how much the card is worth so I want to use it before it expires today.


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