Camp Chateaugay


December 17, 2012

Every child while growing up sometime wants to go to a great summer camp.  Charles our son is already looking forward to going to a great summer camp in the next few years. I have found a great camp that has all that you could ever want in Camp Chateaugay. Camp Chateaugay is a well known and respected camp in New York State. It has wonderfully beautiful vistas and loads of great outdoor activities for children and teens of all ages. Outdoor activities from whitewater rafting, to days long backpacking trips and canoe trips on beautiful Lake Champlain. 

There are also many great activities and sports available from team sports like baseball and basketball to archery and martial arts. Each camper gets to develop their own activities along with the organized activities that each cabin does together. Your child can learn valuable social skills in a safe environment while at the same time having an incredible amount of safe fun while making lifetime friends.


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