Are We There Yet?


December 23, 2012

We had a great trip driving for about 7 hours though Charles kept on asking, “Are We There Yet”. How much more when we visit to the Philippines? Geez the trip is around 24 hours and Charles would not be happy about that type of traveling. Charles does not want to watch any of his DVDs and does not want to play games on the phone either. We had decided to stop by at an antique store just to get out from the car and besides Doug was sleepy while driving. 

When we stopped by at Weston, Charles was very happy when he walked on the snow and threw snow balls on me. When we arrived here at my sister’s-in-law’s house, Charles decorated his own Christmas Tree and it looked beautiful. Anyway, today Charles was crossed when his aunt Cheryl went to church this morning. So Doug took Charles to church and Charles did a pretty good job at the church. They also got a bag of candies and fruits when they got back home.


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