Medical Records Software


December 27, 2012

Keeping accurate medical records is a very important hospital function. Today, many hospitals are using Medical Records Software to make file keeping easier and to make information more accessible to the patient. My husband’s sister MJ is a registered nurse and their cousin Linda a Director of Nursing. These type of jobs have to deal with patients every day; they are using Electronic Medical Records at the hospital in which they work. OptimusEMR is a leader in the electronic medical records (EMR) industry. They develop software for hospitals to help organize information about patients. This allows hospitals to easily share and access information about any given patient, and no information will be lost. 

This technology cuts down on paper work and redundant reports. Ultimately costs are reduced. Take advantage of the advancement in today’s technology in keeping all your patients’ records. Electronic Health Records are more convenient and are a total time saver for you and your staff. Most importantly, OptimusEMR enhances a facility’s ability to provide quality patient care. This is the goal every health care facility strives to meet. Let OptimusEMR help you reach that goal.

ARC Systems


December 23, 2012

If you are in a business that requires precision, high tech and durable motors then you are probably already aware of ARC Systems Inc. Arc Systems produces incredible products that are used in a wide variety of products and by some of the most demanding and well known companies in the world. One such customer is the United States Military who uses ARC Systems technology in many military applications. Other ARC Systems applications are found in the medical, drilling, technology and any custom applications your business may need. 

If you are looking for almost any type of motor it is great to have a well respected and renowned company at your fingertips. Blower motors, gears, sprockets, shafts, bearings, gear assemblies and pulley systems all perfectly fitted together to give you the absolute best in both design, quality and price.  Look no farther then ARC Systems Inc. for your business and your applications.

Are We There Yet?

We had a great trip driving for about 7 hours though Charles kept on asking, “Are We There Yet”. How much more when we visit to the Philippines? Geez the trip is around 24 hours and Charles would not be happy about that type of traveling. Charles does not want to watch any of his DVDs and does not want to play games on the phone either. We had decided to stop by at an antique store just to get out from the car and besides Doug was sleepy while driving. 

When we stopped by at Weston, Charles was very happy when he walked on the snow and threw snow balls on me. When we arrived here at my sister’s-in-law’s house, Charles decorated his own Christmas Tree and it looked beautiful. Anyway, today Charles was crossed when his aunt Cheryl went to church this morning. So Doug took Charles to church and Charles did a pretty good job at the church. They also got a bag of candies and fruits when they got back home.

Catalog Prints

Online printing has had a drastic effect on the printing business. No longer must you spend hours at the local printer or god forbid printing yourself. One of the great new applications is the ability to do catalog prints from online. Having your business’ own catalog is a great and easy way to increase your contact with customers and in the long run increase your sales.

I Need To Pack Our Clothes


December 21, 2012

Just a few days away and we are going to visit my husband’s sisters for the holiday. I usually pack our clothes one week before we leave and for some reason I haven’t started packing anything yet. Over these past couple of days now I have not been feeling very well. Every time I will start doing household chores around the house I felt like I am getting dizzy. I have been feeling this way for the past couple of months now and ignored it thinking this will go away and it just keeps getting worse. Sleeping is my biggest problem as I don’t get enough sleep every night or during the daytime. I just can’t sleep even though I will take medicine like melatonin or unisom still these doesn’t help at all. 

When we were kids when we are afraid of something like someone had died and couldn’t sleep my mother would take us in town and have our “Palu-on”. “Palu-on” hmmm how do I described the thing? A tiny bowl of hot coconut shells and dried leaves to keep it smoke while the person is saying a prayer. Believe me it smells really good and that kind of thing really helped me and I would like to do it when we visit next year. Hopefully I would feel so much better later today so I can start packing our clothes and clean the bathrooms before we leave. I also want to go shopping and use my secret rewards card that I got from Victoria’s Secret when I shopped at the store. I don’t know how much the card is worth so I want to use it before it expires today.

Camp Chateaugay


December 17, 2012

Every child while growing up sometime wants to go to a great summer camp.  Charles our son is already looking forward to going to a great summer camp in the next few years. I have found a great camp that has all that you could ever want in Camp Chateaugay. Camp Chateaugay is a well known and respected camp in New York State. It has wonderfully beautiful vistas and loads of great outdoor activities for children and teens of all ages. Outdoor activities from whitewater rafting, to days long backpacking trips and canoe trips on beautiful Lake Champlain. 

There are also many great activities and sports available from team sports like baseball and basketball to archery and martial arts. Each camper gets to develop their own activities along with the organized activities that each cabin does together. Your child can learn valuable social skills in a safe environment while at the same time having an incredible amount of safe fun while making lifetime friends.

Of Visiting The Philippines

Doug and I has been planning of visiting the Philippines hopefully next year. As I looked at the price of a roundtrip airline tickets around May, from Kansas City, to Manila it is around $1,585.50 one adult only, and includes all government and airport taxes and fees plus all carrier-imposed surcharges. Another roundtrip tickets from Manila to Tacloban plus hotel accommodation is surely another high price upon our budget. With the Fiscal Cliff still on the verge of negotiation what could affect be my husband’s salary and tax returns? Also the value of the dollar rate in the Philippines is getting low one dollar is equivalent to around 39 pesos. Way too lower than in previous years. Maybe a few years from now one dollar would be equivalent to 1 peso. We really wanted to visit in the Philippines for a couple of weeks before Charles goes to school next year. 

It has been five years since I have seen my family. Life is too short and I don’t want to regret one day because of one wrong decision like not visiting the Philippines. As I spoke with my mother the other night her first cousin Maribel, died a couple of days ago. She just had her baby this September 21st. No known complications from her childbirth so it was kind of shocked to me when I heard the news. I realized how lucky I am throughout my pregnancy and childbirth of Charles. Don’t have any problems at all though when I think of having another child I keep on thinking what if something goes wrong? Well, that’s our plan for now. I need to renew my passport but Doug is busy with the wrestling season specially at this time of the year until February.

Able Trophies


December 12, 2012

Able Trophies are North America's premier provider of corporate awards, employee awards, recognition awards, personalized gifts and promotional products. Corporate Awards are great for employee triumphs and Crystal Corporate Awards for employees who deserve recognition. Able Trophies specializes in creating Crystal Awards, Glass Awards and Crystal Globe Honors for corporate, employee and recognition awards. Crystal Awards and Glass Awards have become a popular choice for employee, and corporate recognition awards because they offer unmatched beauty, elegance and desirability. Simple recognition and appreciation for the hard work done by employees is a great and cheap way to increase worker satisfaction and overall work effort. 

It has been proven many times that a happy workforce is a more productive and in the end a more profitable workforce. You may also like to decorate and show your appreciation for your workers by permanently displaying these awards. Making your business appeal not just to your employees but to your customers as well. These beautiful rewards though are not limited to just a business application. You can decorate and honor special times and memories in your own home, church, school or athletic teams. Award shops are everywhere but a high quality and well made awards are not. Get the best you can and people will take notice.

My JUSTFAB Complaint

I spent hours reading JustFab rip off from their customers complaint who had been charged of $39.95 store credit. Just the other day, I had the same problem and had store credit of $39.95 which I can use to make a purchase to any items from the website. I really don’t want to make a purchase as of this month as I am saving the money for another reason. Still JustFab charged me of $39.95 and saw it on the bank statement yesterday. Last night, I had to ordered Tarni boots. When I checked the tracking order it doesn’t show activity about my order. This thing is making me anxious now when something goes wrong with my order online. I have read negative complaints from customers and I am planning the same way of cancelling my account once I receive the item hopefully. 

Buying shoes and handbags for $39.95 and getting free shipping is not worthy when you are a member from JustFab. In the end you will be charge of $39.95 when you forgot to skip every 5th day of the month which I did and still I was charged the next day. If I couldn’t see any actions on my tracking order I would definitely call their customer service number and ask my refund. JustFab’s customer service representatives are rude and will put you on hold according to the complaints that I have read earlier. For now, I will have to wait for my order and I am going to cancel my account right away.

Mailbox and Beyond


December 10, 2012

If you are looking for a huge selection of address plaques, address signs, and whitehall products Mailbox and Beyond is the website you need to check out. Since we have moved this summer we have needed new home décor both indoor and outdoor. Personalized address and outdoor décor personalizing your home makes it feel even more like home then just paying a mortgage or a rent.  Mailbox and Beyond has great style and designs in all types of house address plaques that you want to have at your home. 

Personalized Doormats to compliment your address plaques or address signs also look chic. This is a great time of year with Christmas to personalize your home for visitors and also to give out great and unexpected gifts. Gifts that your loved ones will love and cherish. Feel free to take advantage of free shipping on all plaques and save $5 off using a coupon when you spend just $50.  

Extreme Couponing Is Crazy

We’re on our way inside Walmart yesterday and noticed the guy beside us was carrying binder, folder and newspapers. Geez the guy is a couponer! Surely he is going to stack up on products using his coupons. Using coupons really saves you money though it can make someone Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. I have seen people featured on Extreme Couponing, on TLC and these people are crazy. Most of these couponers don’t want their family members messing up how they cut the coupons. Arrange every products according to their place in the garage or bedroom aka Mini Grocery. 

Over the past couple of months I have been using coupons on the products that we use all the time. I don’t have any stock pile which I don’t plan to have. It seems to me couponing can make couponer a hoarder. All the products has expiration dates and what are you going to do when it is about to get expired unless you donated your groceries to the less fortunate. For me, just buy products that you usually use around the house and don’t buy products that will only sit on your garage or bedroom.

Medical File Folders

If you run a business you know or should know that you must keep a medical file for your employees. According to the Federal Government and OSHA you must keep a separate medical file for each employee. You need professional medical file folders for your business according to law. The last thing any business should ever want is to find themselves on the wrong side of OSHA.

Charles Wants To Wrestle


December 9, 2012

I am a little disappointed with Charles when he got all the penny’s inside his Advent Calendar the other day. I guess he was not interested anymore in opening the window every night and see what he got inside each window. Oh well it has been a very busy weekend for my husband. Just yesterday he attended a Wrestling Tournament in Springdale which is close to where we live. Next week another tournament is on the schedule and it will be held in Miami, Oklahoma. 

How I wish Charles and I can go to every tournament that my husband has and ride in the bus but it is difficult to travel when you have a kid. Now that Charles wants to wrestle me and his dad I think letting him attend Kid’s Wrestling will be a great start for him. As a parent I will be very supportive for whatever sports and career he will be interested for his future.

Check Out Triangle Direct Media Reviews

In this changing society and economy their are many still evolving and developing areas of advertising and marketing. Not just the internet but social media are quickly becoming the preferred method for many people to shop and research what the are looking to purchase. If your business would like to find customers through the internet and social media make sure to check out triangle direct media reviews. Find the customers where they are and market to your specific clientele.

Getting Free Stuff Is Awesome


December 7, 2012

Getting free stuff in the mail is awesome. Just today I got address labels from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The address labels are cute and I love the designs as well. I know this is a solicitation letter to make donations to the foundation but for me I’d rather donate to the charity or foundation in person rather sending the money in the mail or online donations. This is my second time to received address labels in the mail and I have plenty of them now. Oh well, Christmas Day is just a couple of days away and I know you are all excited for the holiday and so am I. We are going to visit my husband’s sisters in Missouri for the holiday and we are all looking forward to see everybody. Charles and I are planning to stay longer when Doug gets back home on Christmas Day. 

Doug and his wrestling team are attending Holiday Wrestling Tournament, in Springfield, Missouri. For me, I really don’t like this Holiday Wrestling Tournament every year. Doug is more focused doing wrestling practice rather than spending his holidays with us though that is what his job requires. Coaching wrestling and helping these kids get better on the mat every day will keep him busy over the last few months. I have seen how these kids wrestle and I am very proud of my husband. All his efforts are paid off to see the kids win in every match they have. How much more when they are all State Medalist?

Mother's Ring From Joy Jeweler


December 6, 2012

Finding for the perfect gift without overspending your budget can be done at With a huge selection of mother s ring designs available it will keep your shopping. What could be more fun and enticing then to buy one for the holiday. Me, I do really like the Heart’s Embrace Ring with 3 Stones from Joy Jeweler. It’s beautiful and I’m sure the ring will look great on my finger.

Glazed Doughnuts Are My Favorite


Glazed Doughnuts are my favorite doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. Not too fancy yet delicious.

G and L Clothing Store


December 3, 2012

I definitely gained weight this year as my favorite jeans does not fit on me anymore. Just after Thanksgiving I bought a new pair of Skinny Levis Jeans and of course in a different size from 0 to 3 short. Well, I have been browsing on the web looking for great deals online so I can save extra bucks on Christmas presents. Every year we always have exchange gifts and we got my husband’s brother-in-law’s name, John. I know he likes wearing jeans which makes him comfortable driving in his truck. Any Dickies Clothing will be a perfect gift to him for Christmas. 

I really like G and L Clothing Store. They offer men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. They also have winter and lighter clothing that are perfect for working in like Bibs, Coveralls, and Safety Clothing. As an online shopper I always take advantage of free shipping just like what G and L Clothing offer to their customers when you spend over $100. Shopping online is very easy as you can easily track your orders online and return is easy as well. Whether you are looking for name brands like Carhartt, Levis, Dickies, Timberland, and LaCrosse, G and L Clothing is the perfect store for your shopping needs.

My Freebies From Victoria's Secret

Charles and I went to see a Junior Varsity Wrestling Tournament yesterday where my husband coaches. While we were there I weighed myself and I wasn’t surprised that I gained 10 lbs. I definitely gained weight over the years and I am loving it. My only complained when I gained weight is I don’t fit most of my jeans so I bought new pair of jeans after Thanksgiving. I saved some bucks because my sister-in-law Connie had her Kohl’s card worth $10 plus coupons and she gave it to me. I do really like shopping. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought products from Victoria’s Secret and during checkout the cashier gave me a Secret Reward Card. The amount will be reveal when I make another purchase from November 29 to December 20, 2012. Though the card has $10, $50, $100 or $500 off which is exciting. I also got a $10 off from Victoria’s Secret in the mail as Happy Birthday Card valid now through January 31, 2013. 

I also want to have a customer rewards card from Dillard’s though they need a Driver’s License and I don’t have one. My Green Card is not considered a valid ID because there are numbers on the Driver’s License that they want to enter on the system and my Green Card hasn’t. But according to the sales associate I can use my husband’s Driver License to sign up for customer rewards card using my name. I know this sounds weird to me that is why I never keep on bugging Doug about this issue. The only good thing of having customer rewards card is I will earn points for every dollar I spent which great every time I shop at Dillard’s.

Business Cards Printing


December 1, 2012

Even in today’s modern technology age it is still the standard business card that can get your name and number into the hands of the customers you want. Business card purchases are easier then ever with wholesale business cards printing. Use your own artwork or have professionals make a card for you, all at a great price. Get your cards today if you are a professional or businessman that needs to be exposed to customers.