Try Your Wedding Dress Before The Wedding


November 20, 2012

Being originally from the Philippines we have so many beliefs that I used to believe in when I was growing up. Living in a different country and culture gives me an eye opening of how it has changed of my beliefs. One of the common beliefs that older individuals would say to the future bride when she is about to get married is: Do not ever try on the wedding dress before your wedding as they would always say it is a bad luck. Something wrong is going to happen to the bride and groom or to other family members. 

Well, living here in the US for almost five years now when someone is getting married the bride needs to try the wedding dress before the wedding. Looking for that perfect wedding dress is very special to the future bride as every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. It may take several wedding dresses for every bride to find the perfect wedding dress but it is worth it when she finds the one. Just like a few days ago, my husband’s good friend Greg married a Filipina and she wore the wedding dress before her wedding and posted the picture on Facebook. 

As I read the comments a Filipina questioned why she had already wore the dress before the wedding? Well, the bride replied that she doesn’t believed any of those beliefs when wedding dress fitting before the wedding is a bad luck. Which is not true at all. So ladies out there when your guy ask to marry you and wants to have a wedding don’t be afraid to try your wedding dress. It is fun to look and try any wedding dresses for your wedding.


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