Patio & Outdoor Furniture Repair


November 10, 2012

Since we moved this July my husband, Doug and I have been planning many remodels and additions to our new home. Unlike our old duplex we lived in our new home has a small patio and room for outdoor furniture. We are looking forward to adding many things to our new backyard and patio area. Doug really wants a new grill so that we can grill out. Living in a Southern state means that we have more time to grill as the weather is better throughout the fall and winter months. Besides a new grill we are looking at many other backyard upgrades. We are looking to rebuilding our security fence, though it is ok we want it to look better.  

We also cannot wait to get Charles a couple of things for his backyard. We are planning on getting Charles a new sandbox to play in as well as a swing play set. This Christmas Charles’ Aunties are planning on getting Charles a power wheels truck or gator. The one thing we are not getting all new is our backyard furniture. Just a couple of summers ago we bought a real nice outdoor furniture set. Unfortunately, one of our chairs and our umbrella was damaged in a severe storm last summer. Luckily, I have found a way around buying totally new furniture that will help the overall appearance of our home and its value. 

 Remodeling and adding features to your home like window treatments and patios will for sure add value to your home. If you are planning to add a new patio or to refurbish your backyard you need to hire a highly trained team to do the job for you. Patio Guys are experts in any patio chair repair, outdoor furniture repair and refinishing your patio furniture without any overspending of your budget. With all of our upgrades and repairs finding a highly successful but cost affective way to solve our upgrades. Wow, I cannot wait to have all of our upgrades done so Charles and I can enjoy our new huge yard and we can have friends and family over.


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