Online Backups For Your Computer


November 15, 2012

My husband’s good friend Chris is a professional computer technician at a local college. Chris told us last year we should backup our computers after my husband, Doug accidentally downloaded a Trojan Virus on our desktop computer. Doug was able to get our important files and pictures off the computer though it was pretty difficult and took a long time. That is why Chris suggested a good online backup program. Since then Doug and I have looked for the Best Online Backups available on the web. 

Best is the place we go to find the best deals in service, GB and in price for our backup needs. They take the time to actually check the quality of all the best of the online backup sites. The sites are graded in many categories like, GB of storage, price, reputation, upload and download speeds and even if they offer money back services. Check out the best and compare them all on one site.


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