Of Getting My Citizenship Changed


November 16, 2012

I will be 5 years living here in the United States of America this November 27. Living here in the US is amazing and I know there are so many great opportunities ahead of me. One of the opportunities that I can do great for myself is getting my citizenship changed. I have seen immigrants change their citizenship on television and they looked very happy knowing they are US Citizens. Many have waited for many years to become citizens. Just this morning, I saw the Today Show and 30 immigrants from different countries had their oath of citizenship ceremony in New York and there is one from the Philippines. 

Doug, and my sisters-in-law are very supportive and always encourage me to change my citizenship. It is quite expensive to take the naturalization test and of course I always think what if I fail on the test? I can take another test when I fail the first test still taking the next test is very nerve racking what if I failed again. I don’t want to spend the money and waste it even though its for my own good. Studying is the best thing I can do before I take the test. So today, while watching those newly American Citizens I realized I want to be part of this great country for my family and be able to vote in the future. 

I like the freedom of this country though there are still people that will talk about me but so far I have not heard any of those nasty comments. For Charles going to school next year its my job to drive him to school when Doug is not around. I can drive a little bit  and I need to practice more in driving our car. I have not taken my driving test yet and I want to take the test so I can have my drivers license. 


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