Looking Forward To Seeing One Direction


November 12, 2012

I have never seen One Direction, UK’s teen sensation perform on national television but tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing them on the Today Show. I don’t know what time they will perform on stage so I have to record the show on the DVR. I’m sure the crowd is going to get wild when they perform on the stage. Just this morning there are so many girls are already lining up just to watch the Toyota Concert Series of One Direction. I maybe a little older but I am still young at heart so I really want to see One Direction on television. My husband is not a big fan any of these teens especially Justin Bieber. 

I always told him what if we have a daughter and she wants to see Justin Bieber what are you going to do? I remember during Father’s Day where a dad took his daughter to see Justin Bieber performed at the Today Show. The father was the one in line for his daughter. I think it was cute but I don’t think my husband is going to do like that for his daughter. He can’t even stand for a longer period of time how much more standing up waiting for Justin Bieber? I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber either but for our daughter I’m sure we need to do what’s best for her to keep her happy.


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