Looking Forward To See Everybody


November 5, 2012

Just two more weeks and we will be visiting Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to see everybody. Any day now I am going to start packing our clothes a few days before we leave so every thing is ready to go. I love Thanksgiving and most of all shopping with my sisters-in-law. I also remember that’s the time wherein they are going to lights up the Christmas lights at The Plaza in Kansas City. I’ve been there three times and it is very pretty. 

I’m sure Charles is going to enjoy Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year more than ever of course he is getting older. Speaking of Charles I am very proud to be his mother. Charles just turned 4 this September and he already knows the phonetic sounds, counts one to a hundred, and he can read books as well. For sure when I was at his age I did not know any of these things Charles has already learned.


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