Custard Cake from Terrace Buffet


November 24, 2012

Every time we visit in Kansas City, I always make sure to stop by at Argosy Casino and eat at the Terrace Buffet. For some reason I really like the Custard Cake or Leche Flan which we called in the Philippines. Aside from eating at Terrace Buffet, I am infatuated with the huge Christmas Tree inside Argosy Casino. It is way too big and the ornaments are huge as well which makes the tree look so lovely.

Back Pain Relief


November 20, 2012

My husband, Doug has began having back pains over the last couple of years. In the past he has had back spasms but now the pain is becoming more chronic. Many Americans face debilitating and life effecting spinal pain. Many have found relief and regained their life through North American Spine uses real medical tools and techniques that allow you to regain control of your daily life all with the least invasive techniques available.

Try Your Wedding Dress Before The Wedding

Being originally from the Philippines we have so many beliefs that I used to believe in when I was growing up. Living in a different country and culture gives me an eye opening of how it has changed of my beliefs. One of the common beliefs that older individuals would say to the future bride when she is about to get married is: Do not ever try on the wedding dress before your wedding as they would always say it is a bad luck. Something wrong is going to happen to the bride and groom or to other family members. 

Well, living here in the US for almost five years now when someone is getting married the bride needs to try the wedding dress before the wedding. Looking for that perfect wedding dress is very special to the future bride as every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. It may take several wedding dresses for every bride to find the perfect wedding dress but it is worth it when she finds the one. Just like a few days ago, my husband’s good friend Greg married a Filipina and she wore the wedding dress before her wedding and posted the picture on Facebook. 

As I read the comments a Filipina questioned why she had already wore the dress before the wedding? Well, the bride replied that she doesn’t believed any of those beliefs when wedding dress fitting before the wedding is a bad luck. Which is not true at all. So ladies out there when your guy ask to marry you and wants to have a wedding don’t be afraid to try your wedding dress. It is fun to look and try any wedding dresses for your wedding.

Nexsan Data Storage

Just this time last year my husband, Doug got a Trojan virus on our desktop computer. Having had computers for 10 years he had never had what happened happen. The virus hid our desktop seemingly erasing the hard drive. Luckily Doug was able to back up the data onto CD's before he had to rebuild the system. This can happen to anyone how much worse if the data was lost and you are a business? Disk backup protection is what every business should have to protect itself. 

Nexsan is one of the leaders in production of data storage devices for flexible data storage of digital data, for use in archiving, backing up cloud data or any sort of digital media. Nexsan's backup and restore, secondary storage solutions have built-in features to help protect and recover data. Protect yourself and your business from hackers with the best is data storage and protection.

Tax Help From Outright


November 17, 2012

As the end of the year comes it quickly brings us to the tax season which begins in January to March. While for many individual tax payers filing their taxes is a great time because of the refunds many get, for businesses it is not quite so simple. If you are a business your tax filings are much more complex and the chances of you having to pay are much greater. What you need if you own or manage a business is someone like Outright on your side. Outright is your source for filing help including using the new 1099-K form which will make your taxes much more efficiently filed.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
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Quite A Busy Day For Me

Quite a busy day for me. Did some laundry, folded the clothes that was sitting in the laundry basket and cleaned Charles’ room. We did not go shopping today. Doug arrived home around 2 o’clock in the afternoon from his wrestling fund raising. It took an hour later than they did on last year’s chicken sale. But anyhow, they sold out all the chickens that they had and he brought 4 chickens home. The chicken tasted really good. Oh well, how’s the weather like in your area? Here, it is cold out and we turned on our heater for the last few days now. I’d rather stay inside the house than go anywhere. Though tomorrow we are going to go shopping when Doug is watching a movie. 

I also plan to drive our car at the schools parking lot before we go to the mall. With so many great things to do before the holiday we want Charles to see Santa Claus at the mall in Fayetteville. I already looked at the schedule this afternoon and also want to visit the downtown square in Fayetteville. They just lit up the Christmas lights decorations around the square and it is very pretty. Last year, we visited the place and it was pouring rain really bad. Now that I know the schedule we will definitely drive around the city.

Of Getting My Citizenship Changed


November 16, 2012

I will be 5 years living here in the United States of America this November 27. Living here in the US is amazing and I know there are so many great opportunities ahead of me. One of the opportunities that I can do great for myself is getting my citizenship changed. I have seen immigrants change their citizenship on television and they looked very happy knowing they are US Citizens. Many have waited for many years to become citizens. Just this morning, I saw the Today Show and 30 immigrants from different countries had their oath of citizenship ceremony in New York and there is one from the Philippines. 

Doug, and my sisters-in-law are very supportive and always encourage me to change my citizenship. It is quite expensive to take the naturalization test and of course I always think what if I fail on the test? I can take another test when I fail the first test still taking the next test is very nerve racking what if I failed again. I don’t want to spend the money and waste it even though its for my own good. Studying is the best thing I can do before I take the test. So today, while watching those newly American Citizens I realized I want to be part of this great country for my family and be able to vote in the future. 

I like the freedom of this country though there are still people that will talk about me but so far I have not heard any of those nasty comments. For Charles going to school next year its my job to drive him to school when Doug is not around. I can drive a little bit  and I need to practice more in driving our car. I have not taken my driving test yet and I want to take the test so I can have my drivers license. 

Online Backups For Your Computer


November 15, 2012

My husband’s good friend Chris is a professional computer technician at a local college. Chris told us last year we should backup our computers after my husband, Doug accidentally downloaded a Trojan Virus on our desktop computer. Doug was able to get our important files and pictures off the computer though it was pretty difficult and took a long time. That is why Chris suggested a good online backup program. Since then Doug and I have looked for the Best Online Backups available on the web. 

Best is the place we go to find the best deals in service, GB and in price for our backup needs. They take the time to actually check the quality of all the best of the online backup sites. The sites are graded in many categories like, GB of storage, price, reputation, upload and download speeds and even if they offer money back services. Check out the best and compare them all on one site.

One Direction Are All Cute :)


November 14, 2012

I always have trouble sleeping and lately I keep on getting up earlier than normal which is irritating. So I always find myself watching the Today Show every morning. Just the other day, I saw One Direction performing at the Toyota Concert Series. I admit the UK’s singing sensations are all cute and have their own personalities that every teenager can have a crush on. Tomorrow, One Direction will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and I am looking forward to see the show.

I Like Staggered Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

My husband, Doug and I are considering re-doing our master bathroom hopefully next year when we get our tax refund. I have been browsing on the web looking for the perfect style and color of tiles and bathroom accessories that my husband and I could agree on. I was fascinated when I saw the Staggered Ceramic Mosaic Tiles Devonshire Cream from the Waterworks website. This is the type of tiles that I would love to have in our master bathroom and I know my husband will love it just as much as I did. sells high end premium bathroom and kitchen related products including faucets, fittings, tubs, showers, tiles, bathroom accessories and more. Waterworks has over 50 locations throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Restoring or updating your home while a lot of work is also great in planning and achieving what you really want from your space. As an added bonus you get to make your home not just look better but have a much higher market value.

Flats To Rent in Aberdeen


November 12, 2012

The weather has definitely changed over the last couple of days now and I know everybody is already getting tired of this type of weather. If you are planning to unwind for the holiday season, flats in Aberdeen has a lot to offer all for a very reasonable cost. You can rent flats in Aberdeen by simply looking at lettingweb for your property search. All the properties available on the website are in great locations. With 2-4 bedrooms they are perfect for you and your family as well. 

If you are looking for flats to rent in Aberdeen you can visit on this website, Searching for flats to rent in Aberdeen here on my computer is very easy and interesting. It gives me the idea that I would like to live or visit to another country and rent any of these flats available at To make things even better it is cheaper than staying at the hotel in the long run.

Looking Forward To Seeing One Direction

I have never seen One Direction, UK’s teen sensation perform on national television but tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing them on the Today Show. I don’t know what time they will perform on stage so I have to record the show on the DVR. I’m sure the crowd is going to get wild when they perform on the stage. Just this morning there are so many girls are already lining up just to watch the Toyota Concert Series of One Direction. I maybe a little older but I am still young at heart so I really want to see One Direction on television. My husband is not a big fan any of these teens especially Justin Bieber. 

I always told him what if we have a daughter and she wants to see Justin Bieber what are you going to do? I remember during Father’s Day where a dad took his daughter to see Justin Bieber performed at the Today Show. The father was the one in line for his daughter. I think it was cute but I don’t think my husband is going to do like that for his daughter. He can’t even stand for a longer period of time how much more standing up waiting for Justin Bieber? I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber either but for our daughter I’m sure we need to do what’s best for her to keep her happy.

Patio & Outdoor Furniture Repair


November 10, 2012

Since we moved this July my husband, Doug and I have been planning many remodels and additions to our new home. Unlike our old duplex we lived in our new home has a small patio and room for outdoor furniture. We are looking forward to adding many things to our new backyard and patio area. Doug really wants a new grill so that we can grill out. Living in a Southern state means that we have more time to grill as the weather is better throughout the fall and winter months. Besides a new grill we are looking at many other backyard upgrades. We are looking to rebuilding our security fence, though it is ok we want it to look better.  

We also cannot wait to get Charles a couple of things for his backyard. We are planning on getting Charles a new sandbox to play in as well as a swing play set. This Christmas Charles’ Aunties are planning on getting Charles a power wheels truck or gator. The one thing we are not getting all new is our backyard furniture. Just a couple of summers ago we bought a real nice outdoor furniture set. Unfortunately, one of our chairs and our umbrella was damaged in a severe storm last summer. Luckily, I have found a way around buying totally new furniture that will help the overall appearance of our home and its value. 

 Remodeling and adding features to your home like window treatments and patios will for sure add value to your home. If you are planning to add a new patio or to refurbish your backyard you need to hire a highly trained team to do the job for you. Patio Guys are experts in any patio chair repair, outdoor furniture repair and refinishing your patio furniture without any overspending of your budget. With all of our upgrades and repairs finding a highly successful but cost affective way to solve our upgrades. Wow, I cannot wait to have all of our upgrades done so Charles and I can enjoy our new huge yard and we can have friends and family over.

Falcon Lightweight Tactical Series


November 7, 2012

My husband Doug is a huge World War II collector though he sold some of his collections online. Aside from collecting World War II things he also love reenacting with his friends from college. Recently Doug has began to expand his collections into modern military equipment over the last couple of years. I am wanting to get him something special for his Christmas present from me this year. Doug has a United States Army desert camo uniform like those worn in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

One thing he lacks and really wants is a nice tactical headset. He especially likes the one made by CJ Products, the Falcon Lightweight Tactical Series. I know that Doug will love the headset for his uniform and equipment collection. Of course it will be tough to top his United States Infantry Uniform collection from World War II. He has been collecting that stuff for twenty years.

Looking Forward To See Everybody


November 5, 2012

Just two more weeks and we will be visiting Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to see everybody. Any day now I am going to start packing our clothes a few days before we leave so every thing is ready to go. I love Thanksgiving and most of all shopping with my sisters-in-law. I also remember that’s the time wherein they are going to lights up the Christmas lights at The Plaza in Kansas City. I’ve been there three times and it is very pretty. 

I’m sure Charles is going to enjoy Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year more than ever of course he is getting older. Speaking of Charles I am very proud to be his mother. Charles just turned 4 this September and he already knows the phonetic sounds, counts one to a hundred, and he can read books as well. For sure when I was at his age I did not know any of these things Charles has already learned.

I Will Be 5 Years Living Here in the US


November 1, 2012

Today is the first day of November and I am loving the weather. What are you looking forward to at this time of the year? For my family, we love Thanksgiving, and Christmas as we can get a chance to visit and spend time with my husband’s family during the holiday season. Aside from holidays, this time of the year is the perfect time to go shopping. So many great deals at the stores and online. As for me, I will have to wait after Thanksgiving day so I need to save some of my money. 

Anyway, on November 27th I will be 5 years living here in the U.S. and I can’t believed it has been that long. I have not seen my family in so many years and we are all looking forward to see them when we visit hopefully next year. I couldn’t decide what’s the best month to visit though Christmas is my favorite time of the year when I was in the Philippines before. Weather is a big issue for me during December in the Philippines. It is rainy season and sometimes there is flooding in our area which is very scary especially I have a child going with me.

March is summer in the Philippines and I would love to experience a different weather again. I don’t know about Charles whether he can take the heat or not. Even when we were outside this summer his cheeks are red how much more when we are in the Philippines? May and June are the perfect month to visit as well though my husband is still working and he doesn’t want to be left out when Charles and I go home in the Philippines hopefully next year. 

Oh I have been talking about visiting in the Philippines and never realized my passport had expired. My husband is very busy at school especially at this time the year so we are going to renew my passport when the school year is over maybe at the end of June. Renewing my passport is not fun at all as we need to go to Chicago for a personal appearance. I guess going to Chicago won’t be as bad after all as we can get a chance to see different places and buildings which I like.