Yummy! No More


October 1, 2012

Over the last few days now my son, Charles keeps on asking for sweets before eating any meals. He even likes to say, “triple please” so I can give it to him right away. As a mom I don’t want to give him when he wants to only eat sweets. I am really afraid he might end up with diabetes just like his dad. My husband, Doug has type II diabetes and it breaks my heart every time he injects himself with insulin every day and night. Having diabetes is really hard for my husband as he needs to watch on the food that he is eating though still can’t resist on eating sweets. 

Next time when we go to the store we will skip on the candy aisle so my son, Charles can’t see anymore yummy candies. Every time we pass at the candy aisle Charles will kept on saying, “Yummy, Yummy” and he wants Hershey’s Kisses and M&M’s. These are his all time favorite ones and my husband loved them as well. Even at a very young age a child can have early diabetes and that’s what scares me the most for my son, Charles.


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