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October 2, 2012

My husband, Doug is a school teacher and a wrestling coach. Doug uses texting to reach all of his wrestlers if there is an event coming up or for some reason he needs to contact them quickly. It is way easier to text 45 kids at once then make 45 phone calls. What he thinks is crazy is how kids will not pick up a phone call but will instantly answer a text. Doug is always saying how worried is though when texting kids because they may be driving. 

Texting while driving is huge especially with kids. Distracted driving has always been a problem, messing with a radio, making phone calls or texting all have and continue to be huge dangers on the road. Safe driving is becoming more and more a focus and many companies are urging no distracted driving. Even insurance companies like IFA Auto Insurance are crusading for safe driving by all, not just teens. Protect yourself and your loved ones and pay attention to the road.

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
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