Flourescent Bulbs


October 25, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines and I am used to white lights and not the yellow lights (bulbs). Since we moved in this house I always complain about how dark it is in the bedroom but we keep on forgetting to buy fluorescent bulbs every time we go to the store. There are many changes on the horizon in the lighting industry. With new regulations on disposable light bulbs everyone needs to find the type of bulbs they can use. 

These new bulbs need to provide great lighting but also meet the standards of being long lasting and environmentally friendly.  While my husband does not care much about bulbs as he wants to live like a Troll in a cave. He reminds me of the trolls from his favorite books and movies, light will turn him to stone. I on the other hand love sunlight as well as well light rooms around our house.


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