Bridgeway Free Learning Style Assessment


October 22, 2012

My husband, Doug is a high school teacher and he says it is sad to see students that are not able to do simple things like read and add. Lets face some facts here, not all schools are created equal. Some schools are ran well and do a great job teaching students. Others are overwhelmed and overcrowded and students can at times get lost in the shuffle. Even your best schools have troubles identifying students who need help. Luckily, for everyone involved there are options to help your child. 

Bridgeway Free Learning Style Assessment is provided by Bridgeway Academy to provide you with an honest assessment of your child’s strengths and weaknesses as a student. Once you receive your free assessment with some ideas of how to help weak areas. If you would like to then enroll your child in the Bridgeway Academy options can be discussed. Whatever you do please do your child a great favor and give them the great education they deserve.


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