Wreaths on Our Front Door


September 18, 2012

We had very nice weather today though it started to cool off when the sun went down. As I looked at the calendar I noticed the First Day of the Fall starts on September 22. Living here in the U. S. for almost 5 years I still don’t know all the holidays and dates. Since Fall is just few days away I am planning to decorate for the Fall, especially our door. I like having wreaths on our front door for the different seasons and holidays. I think it makes our door look pretty. We are also closing in on Halloween and Charles, has already said he wants to be a NASCAR driver. We did not have Halloween in the Philippines though I think it is a really fun holiday. Over all I agree with my husband who says fall is his favorite season of the year. We both agree that we like the leaves turning colors and football, he likes the cool weather better then me though.


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