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September 7, 2012

My husband has a good friend, Deak who is a published author. Years ago Deak sold a whole series of fantasy novels that had quite a bit of success.  Unfortunately though his series ran out of steam as a money maker for his publishers. Deak though had more to say in his story so he started using the web to publish more of his novels. Deak did not get rich on his web published books but he did find something that helped him make a move to live off his writing skills. 

Deak began a business of working from his home doing various writing for people on the internet. He has been successful in many types of writing including Web Copywriting, Web Marketing and Resume’ Writing. Deak has retired from teaching and now lives comfortably and is his own boss. That would be great making a good living while setting your own hours and being your own boss.


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