Strategies for Teaching


September 12, 2012

My husband, Doug is a school teacher. Recently he started his new school year.  This summer he did a lot of research on how he could improve many aspects of his classroom. He was most interested in refining his teaching strategies for his class. Doug talks about how changes that are happening in education, especially something called the Common Core Standards and LCP. Doug says that these changes are leading many teachers to refine their their classes which means their is a need for teacher education. Doug is a history teacher but he has done much work on reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

The higher order thinking skills on Blooms is hit by many of the critical thinking skills strategies and teaching tools that he looked at from Mentoring Minds products. Doug was really impressed by how helpful the reading standards and strategy flip charts were for him to use and understand. Doug says there are many changes coming in public education and he wants to be prepared for them.


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