Sleepless Nights


September 1, 2012

Wow last night was so irritating. I do not sleep very well any nights. Of course my husband, Doug and my son, Charles easily fall asleep and always sleep through the night. Me though I lay awake trying to find a way to make myself fall asleep.  Well last night like the night before I was kept awake all night by the crickets chirping outside in our back yard. I had no idea what a cricket was until Doug showed me a picture of one last night on his phone when we laid down in bed.  Doug said crickets are harmless and while I believe him they are not harmless to my nights sleep. We did not have crickets in the Philippines and I never really remember hearing them before this week. We had irritating night noises for sure, especially frogs and toads who croaked loudly when it rained. Of course since it rained the last couple of days maybe the crickets were just happy.


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