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August 17, 2012

Are you loving the NFL Pre-season? My husband does. He is a huge Oakland Raiders fan and I know how this team means so much to him. Doug watches every game and is always reading about the Raiders and posting on various message boards about his team. Aside from the Raiders, we both like some other football players off different teams like Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin, both of the Philadelphia Eagles are one of them. My husband and I both like these football players, Vick because he is exciting and Maclin being an alumni of our favorite college team, Mizzou. I also love some other things from Philadelphia. Doug loves the history of the town and me I love philadelphia flowers. Wow! Sally Flowers in Philadelphia has a vast selections of flowers that I love to look at and occasionally order. I am seriously thinking of ordering some flowers to send to my sister in law, Cheryl on her birthday this coming October. Living six hours away sometimes it is hard to decide what to pick for presents. I know though that Cheryl loves flowers and likes to keep them on her kitchen table. Of course you cannot just order flowers you need a nice vase, basket or other accessories to complete the order. There are other times for flowers as well. I like to send them to my friends just to say that I am thinking about them as well as on anniversaries and the most obvious on Valentine’s Day. There is of course the one time we all dread that flowers are needed for as well, funerals. Just last month my husband’s good friend, Chris lost his father unexpectedly. Since we live so far away flowers were needed to be sent from out of town. I am just glad that Sally Flowers was there for us.


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