Our Nightmare from AT&T U-VERSE Continues


August 6, 2012

As I blogged about our internet connection was installed just a month ago. Our nightmare from AT&T U-verse customer service continues. Just a few days ago, I thought the guy who came here would bury the cable wire on the ground and it wasn‘t when I checked outside. He sprayed paint on the ground to mark where the cable wire should be buried and left without saying a word. Today, another dude came here and finally buried the cable wire on the ground though he messed up our DirecTV wire outside. My husband spoke to the guy and he admitted that he must have hit the wires while burying the U-verse wire. We lost our DirecTV connection and the guy said he’s going to call DirecTV about the problem. My husband asked him whether he knew the DirecTV number and the guy said yes. While the guy was on the phone he just drive off without saying a word to my husband. It was so rude and disrespectful and that’s what pisses me off. 

So my husband called DirecTV about the problem but they are going to charge us for the service which is not funny. So my husband called AT&T U-verse customer service for almost two hours just to straighten up the situation. The solution was we are going to pay DirecTV for the service and AT&T U-verse is going to reimburse our payment. Only sucks though is we don’t have DirecTV connection for one week. What a freaking joke from AT&T U-verse customer service. All these jokers couldn’t get the job done right and all they want is to make the highest profit. As Doug says 30 years ago this type of crappy service we have had would never have happened.


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