On Counterfeit Goods


August 17, 2012

I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t watch Crime Inc., Counterfeit Goods on CNBC last night. We had a severe weather and we lost our satellite signal on our television. I had set to record the show on our DVR.  It doesn’t look very good though and had no sound at all. The show is back again on Sunday and I have already set our DVR to record the show. Aside from Bravo, NBC, CNN, Food Network, E!, and HGTV, CNBC is my favorite channel to watch on television. Oh well, how would you react when you are rocking a new designer handbags, shoes, and sunglasses without any knowledge these items are all fake? 

As a customer it is really hard to tell that the product you just bought is a counterfeit one. I’m sure it is very disappointing especially when you keep on bragging about it. Today, many counterfeit goods are sold everywhere and most of all over the internet. I know how it feels good for someone to have a designer handbag, shoes, and sunglasses. But would you be happy when you know it is a counterfeit? Get real buy what you can afford. Designer items are not really real most of the times if they are super cheap.


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