Mommy I Want You


August 21, 2012

How’s your week going on so far? Is your kid enjoying school? My husband Doug, and I are planning to let Charles go to pre-school next year. He will be five and I’m sure this would be hard for both of us. I have not been away from Charles for a longer period of time and going to school is not an easy thing to do for me. I would definitely need to get a job to keep myself busy. This morning Charles, and I were talking about him of going to school and he said; “Mommy I want you to be there with me”. He’s also excited to ride a school bus which in the future he can’t ride in. We have a car and my husband knows how crazy it is to ride a school bus. My sisters-in-law says the same thing as my husband does of riding a school bus so no school bus ride for Charles. By the way they are both teachers and are not fans of the bus.


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