Meditation Before Bedtime


August 13, 2012

I cannot remember when it was the last time I had a good night sleep. It is driving me nuts. Just recently I took melatonin and it just never really worked for me. I know there are other ways that I can get help with my sleeping problem.  Meditation before bedtime is one of them that I am really interested in trying out. Meditation talks and music - Free MP3s that I can listen to on my iPhone without disturbing my husband and Charles at night is one for sure I am going to try. 

My husband, Doug likes to tell the story of a class he had in college at Missouri State University years ago. He told me one of his physical education classes had the whole class lay down and listen to a meditation compact disc. Doug said he laid down and almost immediately felt drowsy and was asleep in less then a minute. Oh how I hope it works that way for me too.


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