Charles' Brings Out The Best In Me


August 19, 2012

Charles will turn 4 on September 21st and he is getting taller for his age. He has definitely outgrown his sleigh bed and he wants a bunk bed. As for me I really don’t like a bunk bed but my husband likes it for Charles. As my husband always says; its what every kid loves to have. Though my point is I don’t think buying a bunk bed is a smart choice. I want a full sleigh bed wherein Charles can use it for a couple of years and not just for one or two years for a twin loft bed which my husband wants to buy. As of now buying Charles’ bed is just a plan  because he still sleeps in our bed and he doesn’t want to sleep in his room. 

We don’t want to spend on something where Charles is not using it. Besides, I know how my husband also like having Charles sleep in our bed just like I do and I love having him in our bed as well. Kids grow up so quickly and I want to spend more time with my baby. Charles is very loving, smart, funny, talented, talkative, energetic and most of all he always brings out the best in me. Charles is the greatest gift we could ever have for my husband and me.


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