North Carolina Country Clubs


August 28, 2012

I have really been wanting to start to play golf more. Though my husband is back to work at school now there is still some nice weather and a few months before his wrestling season begins. Doug took me to play golf a couple of months ago and I am very interested to learn more about golf and become a much better player. Doug says that golf is a sport that you can play forever and never perfect.  I am ready for the challenge of being a better player. 

I also am interested in becoming a member of a country club. Being a member of a country club would give me privileges, like swimming, parties, and to experience fine dining with other members of the club. I recently came across a club I really like, the North Carolina Country Clubs. Though we do not live in North Carolina I am looking for a local club that has all the same amenities.

Fresh Veggies


August 27, 2012

Yesterday, I went to A’Chau Oriental Market. I am a little disappointed though that the string beans that they have has mold on them. String beans is one of my favorite vegetables to eat and it taste so good with dried fish. I also bought squash and bitternut squash. So tonight I am going to cook, pakbit. I don’t have shrimp paste because I never think of cooking pakbit until I realized I have okra in the refrigerator. Besides shrimp paste smells really bad even though I use scented oil all over the house. My son Charles, always complains about the smell when I cook dried fish or milkfish.

Just Got Back Home


August 25, 2012

We just got back home from Frisco Fest and we decided to eat at Las Palmas here in town. The restaurant was quite busy though we didn’t have to wait too long to get our food. As always I ordered the food that I really like at Las Palmas.  Before I realized it  I had eaten all of my food. I guess I was starving after all the walking and checking out rides. 

McKee Homes


August 22, 2012

My husband, Doug and I have our dream house together though this house is just a dream unless we win the lottery. We definitely want a single house with an open floor plan from the kitchen down to the living room. Of course large closet spaces, granite countertops, stainless appliances for the kitchen and of course a swimming pool. I like all the layouts at, Their website has huge selections and designs of houses that I could ever want. 

Today building your house you need to think ahead and use energy efficient home construction. Which features more efficient heat pumps, low windows and patio doors, air-infiltration barriers, and proper insulation. McKee Homes is your quality home builders that are succeeding during the recession. Why? The company has been around for 25 years and are building houses beyond your dreams at a very affordable cost. Be sure to check out what is available for yourself.

Mommy I Want You


August 21, 2012

How’s your week going on so far? Is your kid enjoying school? My husband Doug, and I are planning to let Charles go to pre-school next year. He will be five and I’m sure this would be hard for both of us. I have not been away from Charles for a longer period of time and going to school is not an easy thing to do for me. I would definitely need to get a job to keep myself busy. This morning Charles, and I were talking about him of going to school and he said; “Mommy I want you to be there with me”. He’s also excited to ride a school bus which in the future he can’t ride in. We have a car and my husband knows how crazy it is to ride a school bus. My sisters-in-law says the same thing as my husband does of riding a school bus so no school bus ride for Charles. By the way they are both teachers and are not fans of the bus.

We Need New Curtains


August 19, 2012

We moved into this house more than a month ago and we’re still in the process of making this place more beautiful to look at. We still don’t have curtains on our bed room and we need to have one on my husband’s next payday. If you are planning to re-decorate your room you can buy curtains at With a huge selections of curtains, window treatments and bedding are available in so many colors to choose from. Plus unbeatable price there is really no where else you need to look.

Charles' Brings Out The Best In Me

Charles will turn 4 on September 21st and he is getting taller for his age. He has definitely outgrown his sleigh bed and he wants a bunk bed. As for me I really don’t like a bunk bed but my husband likes it for Charles. As my husband always says; its what every kid loves to have. Though my point is I don’t think buying a bunk bed is a smart choice. I want a full sleigh bed wherein Charles can use it for a couple of years and not just for one or two years for a twin loft bed which my husband wants to buy. As of now buying Charles’ bed is just a plan  because he still sleeps in our bed and he doesn’t want to sleep in his room. 

We don’t want to spend on something where Charles is not using it. Besides, I know how my husband also like having Charles sleep in our bed just like I do and I love having him in our bed as well. Kids grow up so quickly and I want to spend more time with my baby. Charles is very loving, smart, funny, talented, talkative, energetic and most of all he always brings out the best in me. Charles is the greatest gift we could ever have for my husband and me.

Skrupa Law Firm


August 18, 2012

Without a doubt one of the hardest things financially anyone can go through is going bankrupt. With the last few years horrible economic climate there have been many hard working people that have been forced into bankruptcy. Luckily there are those out there that can help you file and reorganize your finances.  One such firm is, Skrupa Law. Skrupa Law Firm is centered in Nebraska and Iowa. You can have your own nebraska bankruptcy attorney in a short time help you with your financial woes. 

Just a few years ago the congress reorganized bankruptcy laws making it harder to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy which forced more people into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There is a big difference in the rules between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 11. That is why you really need a well versed attorney that truly understands the complexities of current bankruptcy laws. There is no shame in filing a bankruptcy and be sure to use whatever tools are at hand to help yourself out.

On Counterfeit Goods


August 17, 2012

I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t watch Crime Inc., Counterfeit Goods on CNBC last night. We had a severe weather and we lost our satellite signal on our television. I had set to record the show on our DVR.  It doesn’t look very good though and had no sound at all. The show is back again on Sunday and I have already set our DVR to record the show. Aside from Bravo, NBC, CNN, Food Network, E!, and HGTV, CNBC is my favorite channel to watch on television. Oh well, how would you react when you are rocking a new designer handbags, shoes, and sunglasses without any knowledge these items are all fake? 

As a customer it is really hard to tell that the product you just bought is a counterfeit one. I’m sure it is very disappointing especially when you keep on bragging about it. Today, many counterfeit goods are sold everywhere and most of all over the internet. I know how it feels good for someone to have a designer handbag, shoes, and sunglasses. But would you be happy when you know it is a counterfeit? Get real buy what you can afford. Designer items are not really real most of the times if they are super cheap.

Sally Flowers

Are you loving the NFL Pre-season? My husband does. He is a huge Oakland Raiders fan and I know how this team means so much to him. Doug watches every game and is always reading about the Raiders and posting on various message boards about his team. Aside from the Raiders, we both like some other football players off different teams like Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin, both of the Philadelphia Eagles are one of them. My husband and I both like these football players, Vick because he is exciting and Maclin being an alumni of our favorite college team, Mizzou. I also love some other things from Philadelphia. Doug loves the history of the town and me I love philadelphia flowers. Wow! Sally Flowers in Philadelphia has a vast selections of flowers that I love to look at and occasionally order. I am seriously thinking of ordering some flowers to send to my sister in law, Cheryl on her birthday this coming October. Living six hours away sometimes it is hard to decide what to pick for presents. I know though that Cheryl loves flowers and likes to keep them on her kitchen table. Of course you cannot just order flowers you need a nice vase, basket or other accessories to complete the order. There are other times for flowers as well. I like to send them to my friends just to say that I am thinking about them as well as on anniversaries and the most obvious on Valentine’s Day. There is of course the one time we all dread that flowers are needed for as well, funerals. Just last month my husband’s good friend, Chris lost his father unexpectedly. Since we live so far away flowers were needed to be sent from out of town. I am just glad that Sally Flowers was there for us.

Glazed Doughnuts Are My Favorite


August 15, 2012

Yesterday, I was cooking dinner when my husband said; ice cream sounds good to him. All of a sudden I felt like I want to eat something sweet also and Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts sounded good to me as well. Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts are my favorite ones. After eating our dinner I got a phone call from my friend Delilah, who’s living in Virginia and her two kids. It has been a long time that I have not spoken to her on the phone and we chatted for about an hour I guess. Its good to know Delilah and her kids are all doing well. 

As a mom I know how difficult it is to take care of your kids especially because she has two boys and I only have one. Geez! Having a boy is very different than having a girl for sure. My son Charles, is very active and I can’t keep up with him when he is playing rough. 

Meditation Before Bedtime


August 13, 2012

I cannot remember when it was the last time I had a good night sleep. It is driving me nuts. Just recently I took melatonin and it just never really worked for me. I know there are other ways that I can get help with my sleeping problem.  Meditation before bedtime is one of them that I am really interested in trying out. Meditation talks and music - Free MP3s that I can listen to on my iPhone without disturbing my husband and Charles at night is one for sure I am going to try. 

My husband, Doug likes to tell the story of a class he had in college at Missouri State University years ago. He told me one of his physical education classes had the whole class lay down and listen to a meditation compact disc. Doug said he laid down and almost immediately felt drowsy and was asleep in less then a minute. Oh how I hope it works that way for me too.

DIY Sunday



Yesterday, my husband Doug, was playing NCAA Football on his X-box while listening on the radio. One of the commentator mentioned the Kardashians and Charles said; “mommy likes it”, Charles knows that I like Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!, and all the Real Housewives shows on Bravo. Oh well, I painted my toenails yesterday and when I got up this morning my nail polish is messed up so I had to do it again.

A Great Place to Relocate


August 10, 2012

If you are looking for a great place to relocate to or just to have a nice winter home there are a few great places in the United States. You may prefer Hawaii, Southern California or the Gulf Coast. Myself I am most intrigued by Florida. The climate in Florida is much like my native island of Leyte, and I absolutely love all the great beaches of Florida. If you are looking for that great place in Florida you may want to look at Vero Beach Real Estate. 

Vero Beach Real Estate has great properties like Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club. A gated community with private beaches and an Arnold Palmer golf course. There is nothing better to beat those zero degree days up north then sitting back and enjoying the sun on the beach, on the links or just sitting on your patio and watching the incredible wild life of Florida.

Of Getting a New Car


August 8, 2012

My husband, Doug has been looking at getting a new car. As soon as I get my driver’s license I will get our BMW X5 to drive and Doug is looking for a new car for him to drive. We both love the BMW as it has a great ride, handles great and since it has a V-8 it has a lot of get up and go. Well Doug has so far driven three of the four cars he is interested in. The first car he drove was a Dodge Charger SRT-8. It had the most room being a four door sedan and had a crazy powerful engine. Doug though did not love the handling which he called loose.

Last weekend he drove a Mustang GT Convertible. Though I do not like convertibles he loved it. I did not care for the seats as it felt like I was riding too low. Doug though said he loved the handling and of course the car was fast. Just tonight he went for drive three in a Camaro SS. He really loved this car as well. He said it had the best ride of all the cars and plenty of horsepower. Sometime over the next week he will drive a Dodge Challenger RT and see what he thinks of that.

On Paperless Billing


August 7, 2012

One of the things that has really changed over the years is the use of paperless billing. We have almost all of our bills now set up into a paperless billing cycle. It is great for both consumers and for companies. For consumers it easier to keep track of and pay without searching for your bill or even writing checks if you pay online. For a company it saves in postage as well as paper usage. 

One of the fields that is seeing a real increase in paperless is the medical, medical billing forms are now becoming widely used. What can make medical paperless billing and claim filing easier is a good ub-04 software. What the ub04 claim form can do for you as a company is save both time and therefore save money as well.  Having online forms makes it easier as well to train your workers and therefore once again make them more productive.

Our Nightmare from AT&T U-VERSE Continues


August 6, 2012

As I blogged about our internet connection was installed just a month ago. Our nightmare from AT&T U-verse customer service continues. Just a few days ago, I thought the guy who came here would bury the cable wire on the ground and it wasn‘t when I checked outside. He sprayed paint on the ground to mark where the cable wire should be buried and left without saying a word. Today, another dude came here and finally buried the cable wire on the ground though he messed up our DirecTV wire outside. My husband spoke to the guy and he admitted that he must have hit the wires while burying the U-verse wire. We lost our DirecTV connection and the guy said he’s going to call DirecTV about the problem. My husband asked him whether he knew the DirecTV number and the guy said yes. While the guy was on the phone he just drive off without saying a word to my husband. It was so rude and disrespectful and that’s what pisses me off. 

So my husband called DirecTV about the problem but they are going to charge us for the service which is not funny. So my husband called AT&T U-verse customer service for almost two hours just to straighten up the situation. The solution was we are going to pay DirecTV for the service and AT&T U-verse is going to reimburse our payment. Only sucks though is we don’t have DirecTV connection for one week. What a freaking joke from AT&T U-verse customer service. All these jokers couldn’t get the job done right and all they want is to make the highest profit. As Doug says 30 years ago this type of crappy service we have had would never have happened.

We Need Rain!


August 2, 2012

Finally! Somebody came here this afternoon to bury the cable wire on the ground for our internet. It took almost a month to deal with U-verse customer service just to get the stuff done. Yesterday, my husband got an email from AT&T. It was a survey rating and my husband really gave AT&T a very bad rating for the services with our internet. Anyway, the cable wire has been taken care of and I will not have to worry anymore. Charles can ride his bicycle in our backyard without thinking the cable wire laying around. Well, how’s your week going so far? Me, I have been watching the Summer Olympics with my husband. We didn’t do much outside the house because the weather has been really hot for the last few days now. Hopefully it will rain anytime soon.

I Realized What I Am Missing


August 1, 2012

I have been watching the XXX Summer Olympics. The U.S. Swim Team, Women’s Volleyball, Men and Women’s Basketball are doing really good. While watching the U.S. Swim Team, I realized what I am missing. We lived close to the beach but our parents never really gave us the opportunity to enjoy all the things that we really wanted to do. Our parents never really took us to go swimming because they were afraid we might drown at the beach. I have never experienced how it feels to have a sleepover with my friends house or even just hang out. As a mother I would love Charles to enjoy all the things that he wants to do in his life. 

Anyway, we just got back home from A’Chau Oriental Market. Charles went inside with me and as soon as we got inside the store Charles complained about the smell. Charles think it smelled like “poop” which is kind of embarrassing. While we were waiting for my milkfish to get cleaned he covered his nose and kept on complaining again. At least though the lady who cleaned my milkfish does not understand English very well. How much more when we go home in the Philippines? As far as I remember the fish market had a very bad smell and it gets worse especially when it rains.

Doug is a Huge Military Fan

My husband, Doug is a huge fan of anything military and any thing MMA. Doug has a large World War II collection and enjoys studying military history. He also has a lot of MMA clothing that he loves to wear and that I think he looks great in.  One of his favorite MMA clothing brands is Ranger Up. Ranger up is the perfect blend of fight clothing along with a strong sense of the perfect army shirt.