No Real Rain in Over a Month


July 9, 2012

It flirted with rain on Saturday here in Rogers, Arkansas. Unfortunately though the temperature went “down” to the low to mid 90’s there was no real rain.  Thank god yesterday it finally rained. We have had no real rain in over a month so we were desperate to get not just a cool down but some real precipitation as well. Other good news from Sunday was that we finally, it seems to have our internet problems solved. With our new house we moved from AT&T DSL service to U-verse for our internet. Friday they installed the internet and we had to wait until 8 PM for my husband to set up the computer. 

Well the setup was easy but for some reason the wireless quit working within an hour. We had to wait for Sunday for them to send out a tech. He came and replaced the modem and within an hour the wireless was out again. He came back a second time Sunday and we got another new modem and he messed with the phone lines.  Thank god it has worked since yesterday and is very fast. Now all we need is a new computer desks from  We threw away our old one and now are looking to buy a new one.  


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